1st Edition

Maximum Malpractice Protection A Physician’s Complete Guide

By Charles Theisler Copyright 2023
    316 Pages
    by CRC Press

    316 Pages
    by CRC Press

    The spectre of destructive malpractice lawsuits haunts every practicing doctor who simply wants protection and peace of mind, but most physicians find the world of malpractice confusing and wrapped in legal riddles. This book’s purpose is to explain medical malpractice concepts in everyday terms, combined with solid practical advice to help you:

    • Protect and safeguard your medical career and practice
    • Identify what is and isn't considered malpractice
    • Readily comply with all legal duties required of doctors
    • Prevent malpractice allegations and minimize liability
    • Take control to protect assets, and minimize personal and professional losses
    • Work with your attorneys to establish the best possible defense
    • Walk through each clinical aspect of the patient encounter from the perspective of a malpractice attorney

    SECTION 1: Malpractice—Knowledge Is Power 
    1. Physicians and the Law 
    2. The Doctor-Patient Contract 
    3. Negligence Principles 
    4. Malpractice 
    5. How to Commit Malpractice Without Trying 
    6. Informed Consent 
    SECTION 2: Maximum Malpractice Protection 
    7. Practice Structure 
    8. The Medical Record 
    9. Consents and Releases 
    10. Malpractice Insurance
    11. Plaintiff Attorney’s Deposition Outline for Defendant Doctor
    12. Cross-Examination of Physician Defendant 
    13. The Physician’s Defenses 
    14. Make Your Testimony Shine in Deposition and in Court 
    15. Core Malpractice Concepts 
    16. Achieve Maximum Malpractice Protection


    Charles Theisler, MD, JD, possesses an encyclopedic knowledge of both medical and legal fields. After receiving undergraduate degrees in biology and psychology he went on to the University of Akron School of Law where he was drawn to the specialized field of medical malpractice; and in an effort to expand his working clinical knowledge, he attended medical school and graduated as a trained physician and surgeon. In addition to two U.S. patents for medical devices, he has an impressive medical and legal publications list. He married his favorite former patient, raised a family, and continues to practice medical malpractice law. When he isn't glued to a medical or legal book, he spends time working outdoors or writing. Dr. Theisler's professional expertise and dedication to helping fellow physicians make him an invaluable resource in the area of medical malpractice.