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Maya for Games
Modeling and Texturing Techniques with Maya and Mudbox

ISBN 9780240810645
Published October 3, 2008 by Routledge
416 Pages

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Book Description

Well-known Maya professional, Michael Ingrassia, takes readers through his unique style of modeling: "Image Based Modeling" where efficient, realistic models can be created very quickly. Ingrassia's techniques allow modelers to create exact replicas of their concept characters or objects. The techniques presented are very efficient and allow game modelers to quickly build out stand alone props to populate environments and game levels.

Presented are tried and true techniques that the author has used successfully in game production for the past 10 years. Most, if not all 3D books, focus on basic "box" modeling techniques, which are the basis for proper 3D modeling but not the complete solution. In the author's experience, students who have learned through the Image Based Modeling brand, have quickly excelled into effective modelers.

One of the hardest things for any modeler to do is match their model EXACTLY to the concept art or photos they are provided. The insider tips in this book walk artists through this process. Artists begin with basic modeling and advance to a creating a complete scene and set design/game level. Rather than including sporadic models with zero association from to one another, each model in the book becomes an integral part of an overall theme realistic in game development today.

The accompanying DVD includes 8 exclusive video tutorials on advanced Maya techniques as bonus tracks for artists providing invaluable modeling, rigging and texturing samples. Also, an in-depth video on assembling a "Killer Demo Reel" showing simple but effective video editing techniques used by the author so that artists can learn how to get their work seen. The book not only teaches effective methodology, but provides the user with impressive content for producing effective demo reels and portfolios. Pros and cons of demo reel, website and artist representation are given, along with insights into the expectations of game studios today. The video tutorials show users the finished product, and then run through the process of step by step creation of that particular technique.

Table of Contents

Maya Modeling and Texturing for Games

Next-Gen Techniques of the Pros

Overview of what you'll learn

Basic and Advanced techniques of game modeling in Maya:
Weapons/ Characters/ Buildings/ Vehicles/ Terrain

1. Project One- Modeling a Browning WWI Rifle with bayonet

2. Project Two- Modeling a Soupwith Camel Biplane

3. Project Three- Modeling a blown out building from 3/4 view concept art

*Industry Pro-File: John Smith- Senior Modeler, FASA Studios- Microsoft Game Studios

4. Project Four- Modeling a British B-VII Tank

5. Project Five- Modeling realistic WWI barracks

6. Project Six- Modeling realistic WWI (doughboy) soldier body

*Industry Pro-File: Luke Skywalker- Texture Artist, WXP Game Studios

7. Project Seven- Modeling a Realistic Head and Hands

8. UV Layout- Preparing mesh for texturing

9. Texture Painting- Technique I: Color Map Creation

*Industry Pro-File: Indiana Jones- Character Modeler, Bungie Studios- Microsoft Game Studios

10. Texture Painting- Technique II: Normal, Occlusion and Displacement Map Creation

11. Digital Sculpture- Next-Gen techniques with Digital Sculpting

12. Creating the Killer Demo Reel- Getting a Job in Games!

*Industry Pro-File: Michael Ingrassia- Senior Modeler/ Maya Instructor, Microsoft Game Studios

**Plus 10 Bonus lessons on the DVD:

DVD Videos Content:

Rigging the soldier for posing

Creating and animating an impressive model turntable

Lighting a set design

3point Lighting a model

Facial blend shape basics

Advance facial blends using Mudbox

Animating the Sopwith Camel biplane

Animating the plane using a curve path

*Creating the Killer Demo Reel- Contains a basic and polished version

*Cinematic trailer created with all the book's models

* All meshes and texture maps of final models

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Having an artistic career spanning 26 years, veteran 3D artist Michael Ingrassia has worked on game development, Discovery Channel documentaries and Industrial Design projects. For the past 4 years, Michael has been a top sought after Maya instructor at various training academies including Escape Studios based in London, England. As a Senior 3D Artist at Microsoft's FASA Studios, he was responsible for creating environment modeling and digital sculpting. Michael has had his work published in a variety of magazines such as Computer Graphics World, 3D World and Computer Arts.


"In the constantly changing world of 3D game development, this is the best book yet for anyone looking to get into 3D modeling for the gaming insdustry. Maya for Games is like having a game artist sitting right next to you!" --Sky Kensok, Partner and Founder, WXP, Inc.

"Whether you are a novice or veteran artist in the industry, Maya for Games comprises tricks and technniques that are certain to improve your workflow." --Duane Molitor, Microsoft Games Studio

"This is a great '3D Artist Bible' and an awesome reference for learning and retaining the intricacies of Maya's robust tools!" --Tim Toulouse, QA Lead, Microsoft Game Studios

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