McDonald’s Blood Flow in Arteries : Theoretical, Experimental and Clinical Principles book cover
7th Edition

McDonald’s Blood Flow in Arteries
Theoretical, Experimental and Clinical Principles

ISBN 9780815368847
Published September 16, 2022 by CRC Press
853 Pages 48 Color & 448 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

For over sixty years, McDonald's Blood Flow in Arteries has remained the definitive reference work in the field of arterial hemodynamics, including arterial structure and function with special emphasis on pulsatile flow and pressure. Prestigious, authoritative and comprehensive, this seventh edition has been totally updated and revised with many new chapters. This edition continues to provide the theoretical basis required for a thorough understanding of arterial blood flow in both normal and pathological conditions, while keeping clinical considerations and readability paramount throughout.

Key Features

  • The definitive reference work on arterial hemodynamics
  • Fully updated and revised to cover all recent advancements in the field

Table of Contents

Foreword to the First Edition


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Glossary of Terms

1. Introduction

Michael O’Rourke, Audrey Adji

2. Anatomy of the Heart and Circulation

Elazer Edelman, Farhad Rikhtegar Nezami

3. Nature of Flow of a Liquid

Wilmer Nichols

4. Properties of the Arterial Wall: Theory and Practice

Wilmer Nichols

5. Endothelial Cells and Hemodynamics

Elazer Edelman, Farhad Rikhtegar Nezami

6. General Principles for Measuring Arterial Waves

Wilmer Nichols

7. Pulsatile Pressure–Flow Relations

Wilmer Nichols

8. Arterial Wave Refl ections

Michael O’Rourke, Audrey Adji

9. Contour of Pressure and Flow Waves in Arteries

Michael O’Rourke, Audrey Adji

10. Principles of Recording and Analysis of Arterial Waveforms

Wilmer Nichols

11. Vascular Impedance

Michael O’Rourke, Audrey Adji

12. Coupling of the Left Ventricle with the Systemic Circulation: Implications to Cardiac Failure

Michael O’Rourke, Audrey Adji

13. Pulmonary Circulation

Michael O’Rourke, Audrey Adji

14. Specialized Circulations in Susceptible Tissues

Michael O’Rourke, Audrey Adji

15. Aging, Growth and Maturation

Michael O’Rourke, Audrey Adji

16. Hypertension

Michael O’Rourke, Audrey Adji

17. Interpretation of Blood Pressure in Epidemiological Studies and Clinical Trials

Michael O’Rourke, Audrey Adji

18. Arterial Biomarkers

Charalambos Vlachopoulos

19. Arteriosclerosis and Atherosclerosis: Clinical Issues

Michael O’Rourke

20. Specifi c Arterial Disease

Charalambos Vlachopoulos

21. Generalized and Metabolic Disease

Charalambos Vlachopoulos

22. Emergence of Therapeutic Strategies

Michael O’Rourke, Audrey Adji

23. Endovascular Implants

Elazer Edelman, Lambros Athanasiou, Farhad Rikhtegar Nezami

24. Cardiovascular Effects of Exercise

Wilmer Nichols

25. Central Arterial Pressure

Charalambos Vlachopoulos and Michael O’Rourke, Audrey Adji

26. Lifestyle and Environment

Charalambos Vlachopoulos

27. Arterial Pressure Waveform Analysis

Michael O’Rourke, Audrey Adji



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Dr. Wilmer Nichols, PhD., is Emeritus Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine in the School of Medicine at the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida. His career has been dedicated to the investigation of structure and function of the heart and arterial system in age and arterial disease. He has published over 200 articles in peer reviewed journals; books include the 6th edition of McDonald’s Blood Flow in Arteries. Among his many awards are Lifetime Achievement Awards from the Artery Society of Europe and the North American Artery Society.

Dr. Michael O’Rourke, MD, DSc., is Professor of Medicine (Emeritus) at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) and a Cardiologist at St. Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney. His basic research training was in arterial hemodynamics, working on experimental animals and computer models with Michael Taylor (Sydney) and William Milnor (Baltimore). He has published over 500 articles in peer reviewed journals; books include the 6th edition (2011) of McDonald’s Blood Flow in Arteries. Recent research is into cardiovascular aging, using new methods of pulse waveform analysis to detect, explain and treat ill-effects on the heart and brain from midlife in asymptomatic subjects.

Dr. Elazer Edelman, MD, PhD., is the Edward J. Poitras Professor in Medical Engineering and Science at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Cambridge, Massachusetts where he directs the Institute of Medical Engineering and Science. He is also Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, and a cardiac intensive care unit cardiologist at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston.

Dr. Charalambos Vlachopoulos MD is Professor of Cardiology at the 1st Department of Cardiology, Hippokration Hospital, University of Athens Medical School with clinical interests in hypertension and interventional cardiology. Professor Vlachopoulos is currently Chairman of the European Society of Cardiology Working Group "Peripheral Circulation" and President of the Artery Society. Together with Wilmer Nichols and Michael O’Rourke he has authored the 6th Edition of "McDonald’s Blood Flow in Arteries". He has lectured extensively in international conferences. He is a member of the Board of Hypertension, Artery Research, and Hellenic Journal of Cardiology and a Reviewer for numerous Medical Journals.