1st Edition

McLuhan's Global Village Today Transatlantic Perspectives

By Angela Krewani Copyright 2014

    Marshall McLuhan was one of the leading media theorists of the twentieth century. This collection of essays explores the many facets of McLuhan’s work from a transatlantic perspective, balancing applied case studies with theoretical discussions.

    Introduction McLuhan's Global Village Today: An Introduction, Carmen Birkle , Angela Krewani , Martin Kuester; Chapter 1 In-Corporating the Global Village, Richard Cavell; Chapter 2 Metaphorical Effects: McLuhan's Media, Jana Mangold; Chapter 3, Andreas Beinsteiner; Chapter 4 Global Immediacy, Sprenger Florian; Chapter 5 The Complementary Aspects of Marshall McLuhan and Postmodernism in the Literary Study of the Internet: Exemplified in the Rhizome Theory of Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari, Martin Speer; Chapter 6 Dubjection: A Node (Reflections on Web-Conferencing, McLuhan and Intellectual Property), Mark A. McCutcheon; Chapter 7 Herbert Marshall McLuhan: Before the Mechanical Bride, David Staines; Chapter 8 'Cambridge was a Shock': Comparing Media from a Literary Critic's Point of View, Bernhard J. Dotzler; Chapter 9 Master, Collaborator and Troll: Marshall McLuhan, Wilfred Watson and Brian Fawcett, Kuester Martin; Chapter 10 Taking Action: What Comics Demand of Their Recipients, Anne Hoyer; Chapter 11 Radio Voices: Reflections on McLuhan's Tribal Drum, Kerstin Schmidt; Chapter 12 McLuhan's Paradigms and Schafer's 'Soundscape': Parallels, Influences, Envelopes, Shifts, Sabine Breitsameter; Chapter 13, Paul Tiessen; Chapter 14 The Animated Medium is the Animated Message (?): Reading Animated Moving Pictures with Marshall McLuhan, Philipp Blum; Chapter 15 Marshall McLuhan and the Emergence of American Television Theory, Krewani Angela; Chapter 16 'The Medium in Your Pocket': A McLuhanian Approach to New Media, Raphael Peter;


    Angela Krewani