1st Edition

Meadowlark Economies Work and Leisure in the Ecosystem

By Jim Eggert Copyright 1992

    First Published in 2017. The author shares their feelings about enjoying and preserving the natural environment, yet this book also reveals a conflict in values that the most committed ecologist must face. Such conflict pits the powerful American values of individual freedom and rights against the values of community necessary for sustaining the environment. In publishing this collection of essays, the author hopes to contribute to more enlightened economic analysis and more relevant and effective policies that are good for both the economy and the global ecology.

    Preface, Part I: Values of A Different Order, Part II: Work, Leisure, and Life, Part III: Economic Forecasts, Futures, and Philosophies, Part IV: Personal Freedoms, Global Responsibilities, Part V: Learning For All Ages


    Eggert, Jim