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Mechanical Behaviour of Salt VII

ISBN 9780415621229
Published March 21, 2012 by CRC Press
506 Pages

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Book Description

This collection of papers on research into and management of underground structures in salt formations represents the state-of-the-art on applications of salt mechanics in mines and storage caverns for gas/hydrocarbon, radioactive waste and toxic waste disposal. The contributions cover laboratory experiments, constitutive numerical modeling and field investigations, and deal with creep, damage, thermo-hydro-mechanical and chemical-coupled effects, lessons learnt from real sites and structures and in-situ monitoring. The book is organized into eight topics:
• Laboratory investigations and constitutive modeling
• Coupled processes and hydro-chemical effects (THMC)
• Field measurements and back-analyses
• Numerical modeling
• Dry mining, post-mining and backfilling
• Liquid hydrocarbon storage and brine-production caverns
• Gaseous hydrocarbon storage and compressed air energy storage
• Hazardous and radioactive waste disposal
Mechanical Behavior of Salt VII will appeal to academics, engineers and professionals involved in salt mechanics.

Table of Contents

Topic 1: Laboratory investigations and constitutive modeling

The distribution of fluids in natural rock salt to understand deformation mechanisms, G. Desbois, J.L. Urai, J. Schmatz, P. Zavada & H. de Bresser

Advanced strain-hardening approach: A powerful creep model for rock salt with dilatancy, strength and healing, R.-M. Gunther & K. Salzer

Soft interlayer effect on the mechanical behavior of bedded salt rock, W. Liang, Y. Zhao, S. Xu & M.B. Dusseault

Analysis of surface cracks growth and damage in salt rock under uniaxial compression, J. Chen, D.Y. Jiang, S. Ren, H.F. Qiu & C.H. Yang

Full field investigation of salt deformation at room temperature: Cooperation of crystal plasticity and grain sliding, M. Bourcier, A. Dimanov, E. Heripre, J.L. Raphanel, M. Bornert & G. Desbois

The CDM constitutive model for the mechanical behavior of rock salt: Recent developments and extensions, A. Hampel

Effect of confining pressure on plastic flow of salt at 125°C, N. Muhammad, C.J. Spiers, C.J. Peach & J.H.P. de Bresser

Boudinage of anhydrite in rock-salt matrix: The impact of bulk finite strain geometry, G. Zulauf, J. Zulauf, M. Mertineit & J. Hammer

Effect of sylvite content on mechanical properties of potash, K.D. Mellegard, L.A. Roberts & G.D. Callahan

Very slow creep tests on rock samples, P. Berest, J.F. Beraud, M. Bourcier, A. Dimanov, H. Gharbi, B. Brouard, K. DeVries & D. Tribout

Comparison of internal structure and geomechanical properties in horizontally layered Zechstein rock salt, P. Wilkosz, S. Burliga, Ł. Grzybowski & W. Kasprzyk

Effect of insoluble materials on salt behavior during creep tests, M. Tijani, F. Hadj-Hassen, A. Rouabhi, J. Schleifer & N. Gatelier

Topic 2: Coupled processes and hydro-chemical effects (THMC)

Simulation of the mechanical deterioration of rock salt at grain scale, C. Muller, C. Lerch, K. Otparlik & H. Konietzky

Numerical simulation of coupled Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical processes in rock salt, A. Pudewills

Mechanical behaviour of anhydrite rocks: Results of field investigations, mineralogical-geochemical studies and thermomechanical experiments, M. Mertineit, J. Behlau, J. Hammer, M. Schramm & G. Zulauf

Hydraulic integrity of highly soluble carnallite bearing salt rocks, T. Popp, D. Weise, K. Salzer & M. Wiedemann

Gas transport properties of rock salt—synoptic view, T. Popp, W. Minkley, K. Salzer & O. Schulze

Compaction of salt backfill—new experiments and numerical modelling, O. Czaikowski, K. Wieczorek & K.-P. Krohn

The compaction behaviour of salt backfill at low porosities, K.-P. Krohn, C.L. Zhang, J. Wolf, D. Stuhrenberg, M. Jobmann, L. von Borstel & C. Lerch

Topic 3: Field measurements and back analyses

In-situ large monitoring and numerical modeling of the loss of stability of salt cavity, F. Laouafa, I. Contrucci & X. Daupley

Measurements of humidity-enhanced salt creep in salt mines: Proving the Joffe effect, L.L. Van Sambeek

Acoustic Emission monitoring around gas-pressure loaded boreholes in rock salt, G. Manthei, J. Philipp, D. Dorner & T. Popp

Measurement and calculation of rock stress in the Morsleben repository, S. Fahland & S. Heusermann

Interpretation of convergence movement in room and pillar mining by integrating creep of salt and swelling of marl under water effect, F. Hadj-Hassen, M. Tijani, A. Rouabhi & E. Hertz

Topic 4: Numerical modeling

Salt chamber for the astroparticle detector—LAGUNA project, J. Ślizowski, K. Urbańczyk & K. Serbin

A method to evaluate long-term rheology of Zechstein salt in the Tertiary, S. Li, S. Abe, J.L. Urai, F. Strozyk, P.A. Kukla & H. van Gent

Joint projects on the comparison of constitutive models for the mechanical behavior of rock salt I. Overview of the projects, reference mine for 3-D benchmark calculations, in-situ measurements and laboratory tests, K. Salzer, R.-M. Gunther, W. Minkley, T. Popp, M. Wiedemann, A. Hampel, A. Pudewills, B. Leuger, D. Zapf, K. Staudtmeister, R. Rokahr, K. Herchen, R. Wolters & K.-H. Lux

Joint projects on the comparison of constitutive models for the mechanical behavior of rock salt II. Overview of the models and results of 3-D benchmark calculations, A. Hampel, K. Salzer, R.-M. Gunther, W. Minkley, A. Pudewills, B. Leuger, D. Zapf, K. Staudtmeister, R. Rokahr, K. Herchen, R. Wolters & K.-H. Lux

Dynamic back-calculation of the collapse of the Saint-Maximilien mining field during mining on rock salt in Varangeville (1873), W. Minkley, P. Berest, J.P. Schleinig, F. Farkas & V. Bottge

Topic 5: Dry mining, post-mining and backfilling

SVV a self-sealing material for technical barriers in salt mines—experimental results, H.-J. Herbert, L. Meyer & U. Hertes

A risk assessment tool for gas migration interactions between wellbores and potash mines in S.E. New Mexico, S.R. Sobolik, T. Hadgu, R.P. Rechard & K.N. Gaither

Porosity and permeability of crushed and damaged rock salt during compaction, D. Stuhrenberg & O. Schulze

Creep and damage impact on long-term stability of underground structures in salt formations, M. Ghoreychi, X. Daupley & F. Laouafa

Preliminary study of the interaction between backfill body and surrounding rock salt mass, Y.L. Xu, C.H. Yang, Y.P. Li, Y.T. Guo & W.D. Ji

Injection of sodium silicate solutions into rock salt—long-term behaviour, H.-J. Engelhardt, L.E. von Borstel, K. Mengel & Th. Schirmer

Topic 6: Liquid hydrocarbon storage and brine-production caverns

A numerical method for cavity dissolution in salt formation, F. Laouafa, H. Luo, M. Quintard & G. Debenest

Analyzing large pressure changes on the stability of large-diameter caverns using the M-D model, S.R. Sobolik & B.L. Ehgartner

Expansion analyses of strategic petroleum reserve in Bayou Choctaw—revised locations, B.Y. Park & B.L. Ehgartner

Topic 7: Gaseous hydrocarbon storage and compressed air energy storage

Impact of lab tests on rock salt for an economical optimization of salt caverns, U. Dusterloh & K.-H. Lux

Study on the comprehensive evaluation model for the stability of the bedded salt rock gas storage during the operation period, R. Song, B. Yue-ming, J. De-yi, L. Xiao-yong & W. Xin-sheng

The thermo–mechanical behavior of a gas storage cavern during high frequency loading, B. Leuger, K. Staudtmeister & D. Zapf

Design of salt caverns for high frequency cycling of storage gas, K.-H. Lux & R. Dresen

Mechanical stability of a salt cavern submitted to high-frequency cycles, B. Brouard, P. Berest, H. Djizanne & A. Frangi

The improved IfG gas storage cavern design concept, D. Bruckner, W. Minkley & A. Lindert

Topic 8: Hazardous and radioactive waste disposal

In-situ verification of a drift seal system in rock salt—operating experience and preliminary results, R. Mauke, J. Stahlmann & M. Mohlfeld

SIERRA mechanics for coupled multi-physics modeling of salt repositories, J.G. Arguello & J.S. Rath

Evaluation of rock salt barriers with respect to tightness: Influence of thermomechanical damage, fluid infiltration and sealing/healing, R. Wolters, K.-H. Lux & U. Dusterloh

Thermal-mechanical modeling of a generic high-level waste salt repository, D.J. Clayton, J.G. Arguello, Jr., E.L. Hardin, F.D. Hansen & J.E. Bean

Thermo-mechanical analyses for evaluating a HLW-repository concept, C. Lerch, W. Bollingerfehr, W. Filbert & Q. Zhang

Analysis of the integrity of the geological barrier in the Gorleben salt formation, S. Heusermann, P. Vogel, R. Eickemeier & H.-K. Nipp

Performance of tight historic drift seals from the viewpoint of current knowledge on EDZ, N. Muller-Hoeppe, M. Polster, C. Muller & M. Linkamp

Integrity of salinar barriers under consideration of discontinuum-mechanical aspects, W. Minkley, M. Knauth & U. Wuste

Drift sealing elements in the Asse II mine as a component of the emergency concept—assessment of the hydro-mechanical functionality, P. Kamlot, D. Weise, G. Gartner & L. Teichmann

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