1st Edition

Mechanical Engineering Practices in Industry A Beginner’s Guide

By Dhruba J Syam Copyright 2023

    The four year undergraduate course in Engineering is loaded with theoretical contents and the students hardly find enough time and opportunity to adequately grasp the physical and practical aspects of application of various engineering theories that are being taught. Therefore, certain practice-oriented knowledge inputs in these years may help them acquire and enhance proficiency in the industrial working systems and processes.

    This book attempts to provide certain practice-oriented knowledge inputs which may help young mechanical engineers who aspire to make a successful career in engineering goods manufacturing enterprises. The book seeks to provide a combination of Engineering and Production/Manufacturing Management aspects to enable young mechanical engineers to make a confident start at the workplace and eventually ascend to leading positions in the organization.

    Print edition not for sale in South Asia (India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Bhutan)


    1. Prologue

    2. Industrial Organizations: Operational Characteristics

    3. Mechanical Engineering and Design Aspects: Familiarization with Fundamental Approach

    4. Mechanical Work-Shop Practices for Manufacturing and also for Plant Maintenance and Repair Services

    5. Machining Technologies and Machine Shop Practices (Metal Cutting/Stock Removal, Metal Forming/Working, Wood-working)

    6. Techno-Organizational Aspects of Production and Manufacturing Management in Engineering Industries

    7. Fits, Limits, Tolerances, Engineering Measurements/Dimensional Metrology

    8. Selection of Machine Tools

    9. Facility Planning for Industrial Enterprises

    10. Mechanical Supporting Equipment and Services Systems in Engineering Industries

    11. Engineering Materials, Engineering Drawings

    12. Power/Energy Supply for Industrial Units

    13. Selected Miscellaneous Topics

    14. Application of Standards in Business and Industry

    15. Trouble Shooting for Mechanical Working Systems in Industrial Units



    Dhruba J Syam obtained his Bachelor's Degree in Electrical-Electronics Engineering from the University of Engineering and Technology, Dhaka in the year 1962. He has to his credit over 39 years of working experience in different capacities in Industrial and Business Houses including around 32 years in BHEL where from he retired as an Additional General Manager in 1999.