Mechanical Engineering for Sustainable Development: State-of-the-Art Research  book cover
1st Edition

Mechanical Engineering for Sustainable Development: State-of-the-Art Research

ISBN 9781774631652
Published March 31, 2021 by Apple Academic Press
672 Pages 347 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

This volume provides valuable insight into diverse topics related to mechanical engineering and presents state-of-the-art work on sustainable development being carried out throughout the world by budding researchers and scientists.

Divided into three sections, the volume covers machine design, materials and manufacturing, and thermal engineering. It presents innovative research work on machine design that is of relevance to such varied fields as the automotive industry, agriculture, and human anatomy. The second section addresses materials characterization, an important tool in assessing proper materials for application-oriented jobs, and emerging unconventional machining processes that are important in design engineering for new products and tools. The section on thermal engineering broadly covers the use of viable alternate fuels, such as HHO, biodiesel, etc., with the objective of reducing the burden on petroleum reserves and the environment.

Table of Contents

Prototype of a Collapsible Trolley: A New Design Methodology

S. R. Kulkarni, T. S. Vandali, and S. A. Goudadi

Experimental Evaluation of Magneto Rheological Brake for Automative Applications

Akshay M. Dashwant and Satyajit R. Patil

Simulation for Estimation of Magnetorheological Brake Torque Based on Fuzzy Logic Singular Value Decomposition Using MATLAB

Romit M. Kamble, Satyajit R. Patil, and Suresh M. Sawant

Experimental Mathematical Model for Diagnosis of Vibrations Generated in Defective Rolling Element Bearings

Asmita R. Mali, R. G. Desavale, and V. G. Salunkhe

Frequency Responses of Automobile Suspension Systems

A. Bala Raju and R. V. Chalam

Numerical Investigation on Human Knee Joint for Verifying Intactness of Anterior Cruciate Ligament

Bharath K. Bhat, Raviraja Adhikari, and Kiran Kumar V. Acharya

Investigation of Humanoid Movement Using Classical Approach

Priyadarshi Biplab Kumar, Animesh Chhotray, Krishna Kant Pandey, and Dayal R. Parhi

Topology Optimization of a Spur Gear

Arun J. Kulangara, P. Subhash Chandra Bose, and C. S. P. Rao

Dynamics and Structural Analysis of Re-Entry Module for a Sample Return Mission to 2010 TK7

Athota Rathan Babu, Neville Anton George, V. Harsha Vardhan Reddy, and D. Govardhan

Development of Multipurpose Agro-Cycle for the Ploughing and Sowing Process

Asmita R. Mali, Sardar V. Paymal, and Akshay D. Patil

Design and Analysis of Various Homogeneous Interconnected Scaffold Structures for the Trabecular Bone

V. Phanindra Bogu, M. N. Madhu, Y. Ravi Kumar, and K. Asit Kumar

TG-DTA Analysis of Binary Metal Catalyst for Multi-Wall Carbon Nanotubes Synthesis

V. J. Pillewan, D. N. Raut, K. N. Patil, and D. K. Shinde

Characterization of Fe-Co-Ni Ternary Metal Catalyst for High-Yield Multi-Wall Carbon Nanotubes

Vilas G Dhore, W. S. Rathod, and K. N. Patil

Effect of Preheating Temperatures on Impact Properties of Chromoly Alloy Steel 4130 Weld Using Gas Metal Arc Welding

V. Manivel Muralidaran, N. Sudhan Rajkumar, A. S. Sidhaarth K, Sasi Raju, and S. Ramesh

Effect of Mould Vibrations on Mechanical and Metallurgical Properties of Aluminum 356 Casting

Nagaraju Tenali, B. Karuna Kumar, and K. Ch. Kishor Kumar

Deformation and Fracture Behavior and Their Implication to the Design of a Forged Aluminum Alloy AA2219 in T652 Condition

D. V . Madhuri, Kranthi Kumar Guduru, Santhosha Kumari, and P. Varalaxmi

Experimental Investigation on Re-Cast Layer Thickness and Micro-Hardness of WEDMed Surfaces of Nimonic-263

M. Sreenivasa Rao and N. Venkaiah

Sampling Strategy of Freeform Surface Evaluation Using a Coordinate Measuring Machine

Goitom Tesfaye and Rega Rajendra

Influence of SIC and B4C Particles on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Copper Surface Composites Fabricated by Friction Stir Processing

N. Rama Krishna, L. Suvarna Raju, G. Mallaiah, and A. Kumar

Studies of the Properties of Clay-Reinforced Epoxy/Polyester Composite

K. V. P. Chakradhar

Evaluation of Mechanical Behavior of Glass Particulate-Containing Al6061 Alloy Composites

Y. C. Madhukumar and Umashankar

Micro Energy Harvesting from Piezoelectric Disc-Inserted Composites

Chelimilla Nikesh, Suryawanshi Nikhil Ramkrishna, and Srikanth Korla

Preparation and Electric Discharge Machining of Ceramic Particulate Reinforced Aluminum Matrix Composite

Anil Kumar Bodukuri, K. Eswaraiah, Katla Rajendar, and V. Sampath

Erosive Behavior of Alumina-Filled Zinc Aluminum Alloy Metal Matrix

T. G. Mamatha, B. P. Harsha, and Amar Patnaik

Effect of Heat Treatment on Mechanical and Wear Properties of Aluminum-Red Mud-Tungsten Carbide Metal Matrix Hybid Composites

Chinta Neelima Devi, N. Selvaraj, and V. Mahesh

Prediction of Porous Defects of Resistant Spot Welding Using an Artificial Neural Network

Anil Kumar Birru, Bhawani Singh Bhati, and Gangadhar Ruttala

Hybrid Approach by Using Taguchi: Artificial Neural Networks to Enhance the Macro Hardness of Mild Steel Plates with Arc Welding Process

Anil Kumar Birru, Sunil Prajapati, and Abhitesh Mishra

Effect of Grain Size on Hardness of IS2062 MIG Weldment Before and After Heat Treatment Process

M. Bala Chennaiah, P. Nanda Kumar, and K. Prahlada Rao

Optimization of Cutting Parameters in Turning of Maraging Steel

K. Aravind Sankeerth, K. Venkatasubbaiah, G. Venkateswara Rao, and Ajay Kumar Singh

Optimization of PM-EDM Parameters Using Taguchi and Grey Relational Analysis (GRA) Based on MRR and SR

B. S. V Ramarao and P. Sailesh

Statistical Analysis of Tensile and Micro Hardness Properties of Friction Stir Welded AA6061/10 Vol % SIC Composite

P. Manoj Kumar and Himansu S. Dash

Geometry-Based Dynamic Behavior of Functionally Graded Material under Fluctuating Loads

S. Vijay and Ch. Srinivasa Rao

Cost and Energy Effective Automatic Material Handling System for Small Scale Industry

S. G. Kumbhar, S. M. Teli, T. U. Mali, S. S. Shinde, A. K. Kumbhar, and P. M. Zende

A Survey on Application of System Dynamic Approach in Supply Chain Performance Modeling

K. Jagan Mohan Reddy, A. Neelakanteswara Rao, and Lanka Krishnanand

Gel Casting of Si3N4-SiO2 Ceramic Composites and Evaluation Characteristics

Nagaveni Thallapalli and C. S. P. Rao

Experimental Investigation and Simulation of Split Injection at Different Injection Pressures in Compression Ignition Engine for Improving Emissions

Sudhir Girish Auti, Ashok J. Keche, Arun T. Autee, and Hanumant M. Dharmadhikari

Effective Mitigation of Nox Emissions from Diesel Engine with Split Injections

R Sindhu, G. Amba Prasad Rao, and K. Madhu Murthy

Combined Effect of Cylindrical Combustion Chamber Shape and Nozzle Geometry on the Performance and Emission Characteristics of C.I. Engine Operated on Pongemia

Mahantesh.M. Shivashimpi, S. A. Alur, S. N. Topannavar, and B. M. Dodamani

An Experimental Study on the Role of Diesel Additive and Biodiesel on Performance Emission Trade-Off Characteristics of A Di Ci Engine

G. Ravi Kiran Sastry, Jibitesh Kumar Panda, Rabisankar Debnath, and Ram Naresh Rai

Study of Cycle-by-Cycle Variations for SI Engine using Nonlinear Dynamic System Theory

Pawan Kumar Singotia, and Samir Saraswati

A Novel Experimental Study of the Performance and Emission Characteristics on a Direct Injection CI Engine under Different Biodiesel and Diesel Additive Fuel Blends

G. Ravi Kiran Sastry, Jibitesh Kumar Panda, Rabisankar Debnath, and Ram Naresh Rai

Production and Purification of Biogas from Biodegradable Waste

P. Sai Chaitanya, T. V. S. Siva, and K. Simhadri

An Experimental and Statistical Investigation of Density and Viscosity of Biodiesel and Diesel Blends

Sayyed Siraj and H. M. Dharmadhikari

Comparison of RSM, ANN, Factorial DoE and Fuzzy Logic Network for Diesel Engine Performance Parameter and Emission Analysis

Pramod K. Tiwari, Atul G. Lodhekar, and Suhas C. Kongre

Modeling of Degree of Hybridization of Fuel Cell-Ultracapacitor for Hybrid Sport Utility Vehicle

K. Venkata Koteswara Rao, G. Naga Srinivasulu, and Venkateswarlu Velisala

Computational Analysis of Ceramic Regenerative Storage Air Heater for Hypersonic Wind Tunnels

S. Nagendra Babu, Sandip Chattopadhyay, D. R. Yadav, and G. Amba Prasada Rao

Effects of Velocity Slip and Temperature Jump on Heat Transfer Phenomena of Spherical Particles in Newtonian Fluids

Rahul Ramdas Ramteke and Nanda Kishore

Natural Convection around a Horizontal Cylinder Positioned Along a Circle Inside a Square Enclosure

Satyendra Kumar Pankaj, Harishchandra Thakur, and Praveen Choudhary

Numerical Investigation of Mixed Convection in a Lid-Driven Square Cavity With and Without Fin

Ashish Saxena, Ng Yin Kwee Eddie, Jaya Krishna Devanuri, Jalaiah Nandanavanam, and Parameshwaran Rajagopalan

Conjugate Natural Convection in an Enclosure with Different Boundary Conditions

Balesh Babali, Aswatha, and K. N. Seetharamu

Computational and Experimental Studies on the Flow Arrangement over Flat Plates of Different Configurations

Sai Sarath Kruthiventi, Rayapati Subbarao, M.Cheeranjivi, and Md Abid Ali

Numerical Simulation of Natural Convection in a North Light Roof under Winter Day Boundary Conditions

B. M. Preetham, Aswatha, and K. N. Seetharamu

Numerical Analysis of Free Convection in Square Enclosure with Inclined Heated Finned Plate

Praveen Choudhary, Harishchandra Thakur, and Satyendra Kumar Pankaj

Visualization of Thermal Transport in Complex Geometries with Discrete Heat Sources at Bottom and Left Walls

Narasimha Suri Tinnaluri and Jaya Krishna Devanuri

Numerical Simulation of Heat Transfer in Liquid Lithium Flow through Elliptical-Shaped Cylinder

Nagarjunavarma Ganna and Govind Nandipati

Performance Analysis of Air Water Heater by Using HFC Refrigerants

Ashok Bharati and Jagdeep Kshirsagar

Aqua Ammonia Based GUI Software for Design of Vapor Absorption Refrigeration System Utilizing Automobile Waste Heat for Air Conditioning Purposes

Monu Kumar and Amit Sharma

An Experimental Study of the Effect of Two-Phase (Air-Water) Flow Characteristics on Pipe Vibration at Atmospheric Conditions

S. R. Todkar, T. R. Anil, U. C. Kapale, and A. N. Chapgaon

Numerical Study of Equivalence Ratio and Swirl Effect on the Performance and Emissions of an HCCI Engine

T. Karthikeya Sharma, Dhanaraj Savary Nasan, G. Amba Prasad Rao, and K. Madhu Murthy

Computational Fluid Dynamics Study of Serpentine Flow Field Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) Fuel Cell Performance

Venkateswarlu Velisala and G. Naga Srinivasulu

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C. S. P. Rao, PhD, is a Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the National Institute of Technology, Warangal, India. He has more than 30 years of teaching and research experience. A prolific author, Dr. Rao received the Engineer of the Year Award in 2008 on the occasion of 41st Engineers Day Celebrations from the Government of Andhra Pradesh and the Institution of Engineers (India).

G. Amba Prasad Rao, PhD, is a Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the National Institute of Technology, Warangal, India. A contributor to many national and international journals and conferences, he has organized several short-term courses for faculty as well as the 1st International and 18th National Indian Society of Mechanical Engineers conference.

N. Selvaraj, PhD, is a Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the National Institute of Technology, Warangal, India. He has published around 50 research papers in national and international journals and has organized and attended several technical conferences and seminars.

P. Subhash Chandra Bose, PhD, is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the National Institute of Technology, Warangal, India. He is associated with the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO), the Naval Research Board (NRB), and the Research Centre Imarat (RCI).

V. P. Chandramohan, PhD, is an Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the National Institute of Technology Warangal, India. He has 15 years of teaching and research experience.