1st Edition

Mechanical Properties of Metallic Composites

Edited By Shojiro Ochiai Copyright 1993

    Provides coverage of dispersion-hardened and fibre-reinforced alloys, addressing principal mechanisms, processing and applications. Mechanical behaviour based on dislocation theory and elastic-plastic mechanics is dealt with and data on advanced composites are provided.

    Dispersion-Strengthened Alloys * Introduction * A Brief History of Oxide Dispersion-Strengthened Alloys * Structure of Oxide Dispersion-Strengthened Alloys * Elastic Properties Thermophysical Properties of Dispersion-strengthened Alloys * Fatigue of Oxide Dispersion-Strengthened Alloys * Creep and Fracture of Dispersion-strengthened Materials * Diffusion and Diffusional Creep in Dispersion-Strengthened Alloys * Threshold Stresses for Creep of Dispersion-Strengthened Materials * Residual Properties Of Dispersion-Strengthened Alloys * The Oxidation and Corrosion of ODS Alloys * Dispersion-Strengthened Aluminum Alloys * Dispersion-Strengthened Copper-Based Alloys * ODS Ferritic Alloys Nickel-Based Dispersion-Strengthened Alloys Platinum-Based Dispersion-strengthened Alloys Fiber-Reinforced Alloys * Introduction * Fiber and Matrix Materials * Strengthening and Its Mechanisms * Strength of Unnotched Composites * Fracture Mechanics of Metal Matrix Composites * Mechanical Behavior of Metal Matrix Composites at High Temperatures * Fatigue Resistance of Fiber-Reinforced Alloys * Mechanical Properties of Eutectic Composites * Wear Resistance of Metal Matrix Composites * Interfaces in Fiber/Whisker Reinforced Alloys * Fabrication Method of Artificial Composites * Metal Matrix Composite Application.


    Shojiro Ochiai