2nd Edition

Mechanical Properties of Polymers and Composites

    This text, now in its second edition, offers an up-to-date, expanded treatment of the behaviour of polymers with regard to material variables and test and use conditions. It highlights general principles, useful empirical rules and practical equations.;Detailing the specific behaviour of many common polymers, the text: places emphasis on time and frequency dependence over temperature dependence; uses contemporary molecular mechanisms to explain creep, stress relaxation, constant strain rate responses and crazing; provides explicit equations to predict responses; supplies a discussion of large deformation multiaxial responses; compares statistical and continuum theories on the same data set; and updates stress-strain behaviour and particulate filled systems.

    Mechanical Tests and Polymer Transitions * Elastic Moduli * Creep and Stress Relaxation * Dynamical Mechanical Properties * Stress-Strain Behaviour and Strength * Other mechanical Properties * Particulate-Filled Polymers * Fiber- Filled Composites and Other Composites.


    Robert F. Landel, Lawrence E. Nielsen

    ". . .there just isn't another book that deals with all the mechanical properties of polymers and composite materials in as simple. . .correct and still very comprehensive manner. . . Anyone who wants to gain a real understanding of the mechanical properties of polymers and composite materials should own [this book]. "
    ---Polymer Letters Edition
    "It is a pleasure to record the appearance of this. . .book on polymers and composites. . .the author has presented much useful material in a stimulating and readily assimilable form. . . . . .basic enough for students and newcomers to the field to understand. . .However, at the same time, it contains enough detail to interest the polymer specialist. "
    ---Current Engineering Practice