Mechanics of Jointed and Faulted Rock  book cover
1st Edition

Mechanics of Jointed and Faulted Rock

Edited By

H.P. Rossmanith

ISBN 9789061911555
Published January 1, 1990 by CRC Press
1008 Pages

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Book Description

This book focuses on the implementation and application of new concepts and methods to modelling, analysis, building, performance control and repair of structures of and in jointed rock and rock masses. It provides a forum for presentation of new research results and discussion for researchers.

Table of Contents

Plenary lectures 1. Application of numerical modelling to the analysis of excavations in jointed rock 2. Numerical modelling of jointed and faulted rock 3. The blocky nature of rock 4. Analysis of explosions in hard rocks: The power of discrete element modelling 5. Modelling incipient tectonic faulting in the brittle crust of the earth 6. The dualism discrete-continuum of jointed rock 7. Damage tensor theory and its application to tunnelling 8. Joint hydraulics 9. Physical models and the limits of the continuum approach in tunnelling Geology 10. A mathematical representation of jointed rock masses and its application 11. Stochastic three dimensional joint geometry modelling including a verification to an area in Stripa Mine, Sweden 12. Fractal approaches in mechanics of jointed rocks 13. Procedure for the execution of detailed geomechanical structural surveys on rock masses with a rigid behavior 14. Physical and mechanical properties of shear zones in a gneiss massif 15. Study of the rock mass discontinuity system using photoanalysis 16. Borehole-breakouts as geological indications of crustal tensions in the Vienna Basin 17. Evaluating the potential for sliding failure in boreholes in fractured rock 18. Application of seismic tomography to the rock mass modelling 19. Healed microcracks in granitic rocks and their use in paleostress analysis 20. On the kinematics of mountain-splitting processes based on continuous monitoring 21. Structural deformations in the Periadriatic collision zone determined by audiomagnetotellurics 22. Geophysical analysis of some fracture zones in the Hercynian and Alpine system 23. Formation of joints and faults in the south-eastern Aegean 24. A sequential partitioning of structural data from Silius mine, Sardegna, Italy 25. Tectonic processes on the contact of the Adriatic platform and the Dinarides in the area of the Northern Dalmatia, Yugoslavia 26. Kinematics of the alpine deformation of the Caucasus and adjacent areas 27. Joints and the neotectonics of the Scotia Plate, Antarctica Faulting 28. Mechanics of shear zones and fault belts development by anastomosing patterns of fractures at all scales 29. Experimental study of jointing during cylindrical and non-cylindrical folding 30. Fault propagation in Mode II conditions: Comparison between experimental and mathematical models, applications to natural features 31. The stress states associated with slip along clusters of faults: Application to the aftershocks of Morgan Hill earthquake, 1984 and Kalmata earthquake, 1986 32. Fractal fault patterns as a dual DLA problem 33. Secondary discontinuities in basaltic rock masses of the ParanĂ¡ Basin, Brazil: Generators mechanisms and structural models 34. The characteristics of the structural fabric in conditions of rotation - Example on North Velebit in Croatia, Yugoslavia Applied fracture mechanics 35. The stress distribution required for fault and joint development 36. Curved joint sets: Indication of impact-induced fracturing 37. A study on the flexural breaking of rockmass 38. A unified model for yield and failure of jointed rock masses 39. Equivalent volume defect model for estimation of deformation behavior of jointed rock 40. Application of photomechanics to studies of fracture in jointed rock 41. Mechanics of blasting in a discontinuous rock mass 42. Mechanics of rock fragmentation in quarries 43. Mechanism of failure for bedded and laminated rocks under plate loading 44. Mechanics and acoustic emission of faulted rocks 45. Holographic methods in evaluating rock mass structure Testing 46. Fractal characterization of rock fracture roughness for estimating shear strength 47. Measurement of rock joint roughness and its directional shear strength 48. Deformation of granite during triaxial friction tests 49. Prediction of failure character in jointed rocks 50. Shear behaviour of joints under heat in direct shear 51. In-situ shear testing of blasted rock mass associated with a slope stability analysis 52. Model materials for shear tests of filled joints 53. Mechanics of filled discontinuities 54. Simulating the effect of a variable normal stiffness on shear behavior of discontinuities 55. Research on strength behavior of jointed rock mass by numerical and physical simulation 56. Angularity of a natural rock fracture 57. Effect of the intermediate principal stress on the failure of a foliated anisotropic rock 58. Strength and deformability of regularly jointed rock masses during rotation of the principal stress axes 59. Compressive strength anisotropy of foliated rocks 60. Absorption of energy in cyclically loaded rock 61. Stress memory studies in rocks by means of acoustic emission 62. An investigation on the fracture toughness determination of Ankara Andesite 63. Use of the Brazilian disk test for determining the mixed mode I-II fracture toughness envelope of rock 64. Laboratory and numerical modelling of coal mine roof reinforcement systems 65. Mechanical properties of joints in coal bearing strata Numerical modelling 66. Modelling of jointed rock masses using the distinct element method 67. Some practical aspects of numerical simulation of jointed rock mass by distinct element method 68. On the implicit and explicit inclusion of joints in the analysis of rock masses 69. Rock slopes and dam abutments in jointed rock: FE-Analyses using Gap-Friction Elements and contact procedures 70. Probabilistic analysis of keyblock failures 71. A comparison of numerical and physical models of a blocky medium 72. Stability analysis of jointed and faulted rock 73. A constitutive model for jointed rock mass with two intersecting sets of joints 74. Utilization of the block generator 'Resoblok' to complex geologic conditions in an open pit mine 75. Numerical simulation of opening and closing cracks 76. Joint modelling for rock mechanics 77. Verification studies on the UDEC computational model of jointed rock 78. A thin-layer element for modelling joints and faults 79. 3-D model for dynamic problem of cracked rock mass 80. Different properties of jointed and faulted rockmass in tension and compression and bimodulus finite element method 81. Identification method for anisotropic mechanical constants of rock mass by local iterated Kalman filter 82. The state of stress of anisotropic rock mass 83. Numerical modelling of jointed rocks with large contact zone 84. Numerical modelling of underground hydraulic structures in jointed rock Hydraulics 85. Hydromechanical modelling of jointed rock masses using the Distinct Element Method 86. Numerical studies of fluid flow through channels on fracture plane 87. Flow predictions of a three dimensional conditioned discontinuum probabilistic flow model 88. A numerical model for fluid flow in the block interface network of three dimensional rock block system 89. Simulation of non-isothermal block jointed systems 90. Modelling of the steady-state groundwater in a rock matrix intersected by permeable fracture zones 91. Elastic wave propagation and hydraulic properties of cracked rocks 92. Stability of a geothermal reservoir crack connecting with a horizontal natural fracture in the earth's crust 93. Selection of equipments for hydrofracturing tests in permeable rocks 94. One-dimensional consolidation of structured media 95. Continuum representation of coupled flow-deformation response of dual porosity media 96. The more precise influence model of the reservoir on the rocky high weirs foundations Mining 97. Towards 3-D modelling of inelastic deformation around deep-level mines 98. Modelling of fracturing near deep level gold mine excavations using a displacement discontinuity approach 99. Fault stability in SA gold mines 100. Seismic events associated with large mining induced fractures 101. Mining induced fractures in the roof of longwalls in deep coal mines 102. On factors which influence mining induced seismicity in Ostrava - Karvina coal basin 103. The results of applied seismic tomography to localization the anomalies of velocity fields in coal seams 104. Some principles of rock mass failure in the case of rock bursts 105. Blasting vibration in jointed rock 106. An experimental investigation of the arching action of laterally stressed beams 107. Monitoring and simulation of mining-induced subsidence 108. Continuum approximation for mechanics of stratified rock 109. Combined numerical-analytical technique for stress state analysis in the vicinity of a mined seam 110. On the theory of stability of underground mine workings 111. Analysis of statistical homogeneity of rock mass around Ventilation Drift Stripa Mine Applications 112. Block modelling of jointed cliffs 113. Field stress measurements in jointed rock 114. Assessment of the bearing capacity and safety of the design of large underground openings 115. Floor rockmass movement in workings 116. New technology of underground mining in jointed and faulted rock 117. Preliminary design of large cavern for power plant in jointed rock mass 118. Survey and taking in account of discontinuities in rocky surroundings of engineering constructions 119. Investigation and grouting of permeable faults and fractures for civil and mining engineering purposes 120. Grouting of fractures using oscillating pressure 121. The influence of faults on tunnel excavation and support, Sikfors Hydropower Station, Sweden 122. Dam foundations on rock masses - The Alto Lindoso dam example 123. The effect of high in-situ rock stresses on the scour potential of sheet-jointed rocks below two dams in Australia 124. Mechanical properties of strengthened rock joints 125. Block theory and stability analysis of a slope subject to lateral spread: The example of 'Chiusi della Verna' mountain 126. The stability of an embankment on jointed rock 127. Major road cut design in rock, Muscat Capital Area, Oman 128. Toppling and deep-seated landslides in natural slopes 129. Dynamic stability of rock slopes 130. Influence of rock joints in the performance of major civil engineering structures 131. Rock-mass experiments on jointed welded tuff 132. Numerical analyses of the G-tunnel mining evaluations experiment 133. Application of analytical methods for jointed rock as part of a drift design methodology for the Yucca Mountain Project Late paper 134. Thermodynamic criterion of rock strength

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