Mechanics of Machinery  book cover
1st Edition

Mechanics of Machinery

ISBN 9781138072237
Published March 29, 2017 by CRC Press
464 Pages 424 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

Mechanics of Machinery describes the analysis of machines, covering both the graphical and analytical methods for examining the kinematics and dynamics of mechanisms with low and high pairs. This text, developed and updated from a version published in 1973, includes analytical analysis for all topics discussed, allowing for the use of math software for fast, precise analysis. The chapters include the following:

• Introduction of various mechanisms—such as four-revolute-pairs chain, double-slider, and compound mechanisms—and their motions and functions, with analytical analysis of each one
• Velocities and accelerations in mechanisms, using graphical and analytical analysis
• Analysis of sliding links using a theory developed by the author, which replaces the Coriolis component and is generally easier to apply
• Discussion of cams, with an emphasis on factors affecting cam design, such as the pressure angle and the radius of curvature
• The geometry and kinematics of a wide range of gears
• Force analysis in mechanisms—namely, static force, friction force, and dynamic force analysis
• Balancing machines, specifically rotating parts and reciprocating parts, as well as in-place balancing using vibration measurements

A reference for both students and professionals in mechanical engineering, this informative text offers a deeper understanding of kinematics and related applications. It also supplies the fundamentals to enable readers to apply procedures to problems they may encounter in the future.

Table of Contents

Degrees of Freedom of Planar Mechanisms
Four-Revolute-Pairs Chains
Single-Slider Chain
Double-Slider Mechanisms
Mechanisms with Higher Pairs
Compound Mechanisms
Special Mechanisms
Analytical Position Analysis of Mechanisms

Velocities and Accelerations
Absolute Plane Motion of a Particle
Relative Motion
Applications to Common Links
Analysis of Mechanisms: Graphical Method
Method of Instantaneous Centers for Determining the Velocities
Analytical Analysis

Types of Cams
Modes of Input/Output Motion
Follower Configurations
Classes of Cams

Spur Gears
Gear Classification
Gear-Tooth Action
Terminology for Spur Gears
Engagement Action
Internal Gears
The Cycloidal System

Helical, Worm, and Bevel Gears
Parallel Helical Gears
Crossed Helical Gears
Worm Gearing
Bevel Gears

Gear Trains
Ordinary Gear Trains
Epicyclic or Planetary Gear Trains
Gear Train Design
Braking Torque

Force Analysis
Static Force Analysis
Friction Force Analysis
Dynamic Force Analysis
Analytical Force Analysis
Torque Diagram and Flywheels
Force Analysis in Cams

Balancing of Rotating Parts
Balancing of Reciprocating Parts
In-Place Balancing



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Dr. Mahmoud Mostafa is currently a professor in the mechanical engineering department, Faculty of Engineering, University of Alexandria, Egypt. He received his Ph.D. from Oregon State University, USA. Dr. Mostafa was the head of the mechatronics department at Alexandria High Institute of Engineering and Technology and is still supervising the department. His area of research is in the fields of mechanical vibrations, kinematics of machinery, and synthesis of mechanisms. He was the consultant for several corporations in Egypt and has several inventions, which incorporate certain mechanisms.