1st Edition

Mechanics of Magnetostrictive Materials and Structures

    276 Pages 107 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Mechanics of Magnetostrictive Materials and Structures

    demonstrates the practical applications and uses for cutting-edge smart magnetostrictive materials. Exploring the analytical and numerical solution procedures and characteristics of these materials more generally, the book details how these materials respond to external factors. Exceptionally adjustable and adaptable, magnetostrictive materials are artifcial structures that offer distinctive physical properties. Providing clear illustrations throughout, this book includes a comprehensive guide to the theory and its applications.  Comprehensively assessing the practicalities of these smart materials, it also discusses vibration and buckling under different loads, alongside dynamic behavior.


    •  Presents vibration analysis of magnetostrictive materials and structures
    •  Demonstrates and analyzes the effect of implementing boundary conditions on the mechanical responses of magnetostrictive structures
    •  Examines the use of smart materials in engineering structures

    Aimed at students and professionals working in the field of mechanics, materials and dynamics, the book is an essential guide to this rapidly developing area.

    Chapter 1. An Introduction to Magnetostrictive Materials and Structures. Chapter 2. Static Analysis of Magnetostrictive Materials and Structures. Chapter 3. Vibration Analysis of Magnetostrictive Materials and Structures. Chapter 4. Wave Propagation of Magnetostrictive Materials and Structures. Chapter 5. Dynamic Analysis of Magnetostrictive Materials and Structures.


    Farzad Ebrahimi is an associate professor at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, IKIU, Qazvin, Iran. His research interests include mechanical behaviors of nano-engineered systems, mechanics of composites and nanocomposites, functionally graded materials, viscoelasticity, and smart materials and structures. Dr. Ebrahimi has authored more than 400 high-quality peer-reviewedresearch articles in his fields of interest. He has also edited and authored multiple books for well-known publishers. He is an associate editor of the journal Shock and Vibration, an editorial board member of the Journal of Computational Applied Mechanics, and a distinguished reviewer whose expertise helps the editors of prestigious journals judge research articles.

    Mehrdad Farajzadeh Ahari  received his Master's Degree from Imam Khomeini International University as one of the university's top 5 students. His research interests are nanocomposites, the dynamic behaviour of smart materials, and functionally graded materials. He has authored articles in his research field in well-known journals. As an undergraduate student, he also published a paper on his research field in the Journal of Energy. He is a dedicated and experienced mechanical engineer with extensive knowledge of engineering principles, theories, specifications, and standards.