1st Edition

Mechanics of Structures and Materials XXIV Proceedings of the 24th Australian Conference on the Mechanics of Structures and Materials (ACMSM24, Perth, Australia, 6-9 December 2016)

Edited By Hong Hao, Chunwei Zhang
    1963 Pages
    by CRC Press

    Mechanics of Structures and Materials: Advancements and Challenges is a collection of peer-reviewed papers presented at the 24th Australasian Conference on the Mechanics of Structures and Materials (ACMSM24, Curtin University, Perth, Western Australia, 6-9 December 2016). The contributions from academics, researchers and practising engineers from Australasian, Asia-pacific region and around the world, cover a wide range of topics, including:

    • Structural mechanics
    • Computational mechanics
    • Reinforced and prestressed concrete structures
    • Steel structures
    • Composite structures
    • Civil engineering materials
    • Fire engineering
    • Coastal and offshore structures
    • Dynamic analysis of structures
    • Structural health monitoring and damage identification
    • Structural reliability analysis and design
    • Structural optimization
    • Fracture and damage mechanics
    • Soil mechanics and foundation engineering
    • Pavement materials and technology
    • Shock and impact loading
    • Earthquake loading
    • Traffic and other man-made loadings
    • Wave and wind loading
    • Thermal effects
    • Design codes

    Mechanics of Structures and Materials: Advancements and Challenges will be of interest to academics and professionals involved in Structural Engineering and Materials Science.

    VOLUME 1

    Keynote submissions

    Strength design of high-strength steel beams
    M.A. Bradford & X. Liu

    Physical, chemical and microbiological processes in the long term corrosion of steel and cast iron infrastructure
    R.E. Melchers

    Are seismically designed buildings inherently more resistant to progressive collapse?
    D.A. Nethercot & C.A. Vidalis

    Materials technology research to structural design of geopolymer concrete
    J.G. Sanjayan

    Maintenance and condition monitoring; multi-model and hybrid approach to SHM
    A. De Stefano

    VLFS technology for land creation on the sea
    C.M. Wang

    General submissions

    Reinforced and prestressed concrete structures

    Axially loaded three-side restrained reinforced concrete walls: A comparative study
    N.M. Ho, M.M. Lima & J.H. Doh

    Experimental investigation on the FRP-confined and unconfined concrete containing high rubber content
    R. Hassanli & O. Youssf

    Effect of steel fibre on thermal behavior of concrete under elevated temperature
    X. Liang & C.Q. Wu

    Analysis of bridge abutment movement through a case study
    M. Rashidi, B. Samali & S. Kempton

    Early-age tensile creep and drying shrinkage in GGBFS concrete
    I. Khan, A. Castel & R.I. Gilbert

    Study of disturbed strain regions for serviceability analysis of cracked RC flexural members
    A. Murray, R.I. Gilbert & A. Castel

    Image analysis method used in the seismic rehabilitation of squat reinforced concrete shear walls using CFRP sheets
    J.E. Woods, D.T. Lau & Y.S. Yang

    The effect of different shapes of shear keys at the interface of old and new concretes of jacketed RC column
    M.R. Alam, P.K. Sarker, M. Rahman & S.H. Himel

    Performance of damaged RC beams repaired and/or strengthened with FRP sheets: An experimental investigation
    T. Imjai & R. Garcia

    Post-yield bond behavior of reinforcing bars embedded in concrete under axial loading up to fracture
    J. Yu, K.H. Tan & N.S. Lim

    Eliminating shrinkage in tension stiffening model of concrete beams by the hybrid approach
    G. Kaklauskas, P.L. Ng & V. Gribniak

    Numerical modelling of cracked RC tension members using stress-transfer approach
    G. Kaklauskas, P.L. Ng, R. Jakubovskis & R. Ramanauskas

    Finite element modelling of concrete filled steel tubes subjected to static pure bending
    A. Karrech, M. Elchalakani & H. Basarir

    Experimental study on the tensile and bending creep behavior of cracked UHP-FRCC
    T. Nishiwaki, H. Otaki, G. Igarashi, S. Kwon, F. Shaikh & A.P. Fantilli

    Screw anchors installed in early age concrete
    A. Mohyeddin, E. Gad, R. Khandu, K. Yangdon, J. Lee & M. Ismail

    Steel and composite structures

    Analysis of demountable steel column-baseplate connections under monotonic loading
    D. Li, B. Uy, F. Aslani & V. Patel

    Rigorous method for flexural design of reinforced concrete members
    Y.F. Wu

    Behaviour of load carrying precast concrete sandwich panels under various supporting conditions
    E. Hamed

    Shear buckling of composite plates on tensionless elastic foundations
    J. Dong, X. Ma, J.E. Mills & Y. Zhuge

    Asset management of steel bridges
    M. Rashidi, B. Samali, A. Azad & H. Hatamian

    Bond deterioration between near-surface mounted carbon FRP strips and concrete under moisture conditions
    H. Aydin, R.J. Gravina & P. Visintin

    Fatigue tests on notched steel beams strengthened with CFRP laminates
    Q.Q. Yu & Y.F. Wu

    Galvanic corrosion behavior of the welding of stainless steel and carbon steel
    Y. Miyazaki & K. Komi

    Effects of floor slabs on the structural performance of blind-bolted composite joints
    M.K. Hassan, Z. Tao, T.Y. Song & L.H. Han

    Simplified numerical modelling of circular concrete-filled steel tubular stub columns
    U. Katwal, Z. Tao, M.K. Hassan & W.D. Wang

    Analysis of mechanical behaviour of circular concrete filled steel tube columns using high strength concrete
    H.D. Phan & H.H. Trinh

    Behaviour of composite sandwich beams with different shear span-to-depth ratios
    W. Ferdous, A. Manalo & T. Aravinthan

    Behavior of pultruded multi-celled GFRP hollow beams with low-strength concrete infill
    M. Muttashar, W. Karunasena, A. Manalo & W. Lokuge

    Effects of fibre location and density on the flexural toughness in FRC beams
    M. Manca, D. Ciancio & P. Dight

    Process-induced deformation of composite I-shaped stiffened structures
    C. Dong & J. Pitt

    Global stability investigation on welded Q460GJ structural steel unrestrained beams under three-point bending tests
    B. Yang, G. Xiong, Y. Zhang, S.D. Nie & M. Elchalakani

    System transformation scheme and construction control method for self-anchored suspension bridge with steel-concrete composite girder
    T.P. Wang, X.Y. Zhou, G.J. He & J. Yi

    A comprehensive study on corrosion and hydrogen embrittlement of low carbon steel
    L. Li, M. Mahmoodian, C.Q. Li & S.W. Zhou

    Structural mechanics, computational mechanics, fracture and damage mechanics

    Finite element analysis of the crushing behaviour of aluminium honeycombs under combined compression-shear loads
    A.A. Ashab, D. Ruan & G.X. Lu

    An adaptive elastic scaled boundary finite element approach for limit analysis of structures
    A. Mellati, C. Song, F. Tin-Loi & S. Tangaramvong

    Stress intensity factors for inclined cracks in pipes under axial tension and bending
    G.Y. Fu, C.Q. Li & W. Yang

    Scaled boundary finite element method for exterior acoustic-structure interaction analyses
    L. Liu, C. Song, W. Gao & C. Birk

    A discrete framework for fracture simulation based on the embedment of strong discontinuities with minimum degrees of freedom
    D. Dias-da-Costa & G. Ranzi

    Numerical modelling of concrete beams at serviceability conditions with a discrete crack approach and non-iterative solution-finding algorithms
    D. Dias-da-Costa, R.N.F. do Carmo & R. Graça-e-Costa

    New method to investigate the permeability of stressed concrete
    M.D. Wimalasiri, D.J. Robert & C.Q. Li

    Unified uncertain stability analysis of structures
    W. Gao, D. Wu & F. Tin-Loi

    Discrete element modelling of fracture in quasi-brittle materials
    N.H.T. Nguyen, H.H. Bui, J. Kodikara, S. Arooran, G.D. Nguyen & P. Jitsangiam

    Inelastic analysis of steel concrete composite beams based on a higher order beam theory
    A.H. Sheikh, M.A. Uddin & J. Wen

    An analytical approach to determine the span and fracture positions of roof strata prior to rock burst
    S.T. Ji, C.W. Zhang & K.Z. Zhang

    Stress analysis of STL models by octree mesh and scaled boundary finite element method
    Y. Liu, A.A. Saputra & C. Song

    Effect of corrosion influencing factors of cast iron pipes in clay soil
    W.G. Wang, D.J. Robert, A. Zhou & C.Q. Li

    Analysis of nano-beams with influences of surface stresses and nonlocal elasticity
    T.B. Nguyen, J. Lawongkerd & J. Rungamornrat

    An efficient finite element model of bolted disk-drum joints in aero-engine
    Z.Y. Qin & F.L. Chu

    Crack breathing as a function of crack location under the effect of unbalance force
    H.M. Mobarak & H. Wu

    Multicomponent tensile buckling
    I.T. Hossain, F. Guillard & I. Einav

    An insight into equivalent strut modelling of infill-RC frames
    A. Mohyeddin, S. Dorji, E. Gad & H. Goldsworthy

    Civil engineering materials

    Workability and compressive strength properties of high strength geopolymer mortars
    M.Z.N. Khan, F. Shaikh, Y.F. Hao & H. Hao

    Experimental study on optimizing the crumb rubber concrete mechanical performance
    O. Youssf & R. Hassanli

    Steel fibre reinforced concrete: From X-ray imaging observation to modelling
    T.S. Ng, T.N.S. Htut & S.J. Foster

    Comparative performance of alkali-activated slag and fly ash at elevated temperatures
    Z. Pan, Z. Tao, Y.F. Cao, N. Bajracharya, T. Murphy & R. Wuhrer

    Effects of elevated temperature curing of brown coal fly ash geopolymer
    R. Dirgantara & D.W. Law

    Structural behaviour of UHPFRC short and slender columns subjected to axial and eccentric loads
    M.S. Mohamed Ali, M. Singh & A.H. Sheikh

    The effect of aluminium reaction on formation mechanism and structural properties of geopolymers
    A. Hajimohammadi, T.D. Ngo & P. Mendis

    Comparison of creep behaviour of geopolymer concrete and OPC concrete
    C.H. Un, J.G. Sanjayan & R. San Nicolas

    Experimental investigation of water vapour sorption isotherms and microstructure of low calcium geopolymer binders
    J.M. de Burgh, I.M.A. Al-Damad & S.J. Foster

    Influences of graphene oxide on electrical resistivity development of Portland cement paste
    W.G. Li, Z.Y. Luo, C. Long, W.H. Duan & S.P. Shah

    A novel composite material of A356 aluminum alloy reinforced with alumina (Al2O3) powder for automobile construction industries
    S. Numsarapatnuk, T. Imjai & W. Insorn

    Investigation of equivalent frame modelling for seismic analysis of unreinforced masonry buildings with flexible diaphragms
    Y. Nakamura, H. Derakhshan, A.H. Sheikh, M.C. Griffith & J. Ingham

    Design of alkali activated concrete using the Taguchi method
    N.A. Farhan, M.N. Sheikh & M.N.S. Hadi

    Mechanical behavior of a new Polyvinyl Alcohol fiber reinforced Engineered Cementitious Composite (PVA-ECC) using local ingredients
    D. Meng, C.K. Lee & Y.X. Zhang

    Analytical study on material properties of fibre reinforced cementitious composites
    H. Tian, Y.X. Zhang, Y.H. Cui & C. Yang

    Controlling the setting time of pavement concrete using accelerating-admixture by silica fume technology
    N.H. Hai & T.V. Mot

    Direct tensile test of high strength concrete with and without steel fibres
    H.A. Hasan, F. Alhussainy, M.N. Sheikh & M.N.S. Hadi

    Influence of steel, glass and hybrid fibres on the behaviour of reactive powder concrete
    A.H.M. Algburi, M.N. Sheikh & M.N.S. Hadi

    Laboratory tests of the pull-out behaviour of spiral shaped steel fibres from concrete matrix
    Y.F. Hao & H. Hao

    A novel numerical method for simulations of leaching of cementitious materials in ammonium nitrate solution
    Y. Yu & Y.X. Zhang

    Estimation of elastic modulus of cementitious materials under external sulfate attack
    Y. Yu & Y.X. Zhang

    Shock and impact loading

    Confinement efficiency of concrete cylinders wrapped with different types of FRP under impact loads
    T.M. Pham & H. Hao

    Implosive demolition of tall masonry and concrete chimney stacks within a designed footprint
    G.J. McKenzie, B. Samali & C.W. Zhang

    Multi-hazard resistance capacity of precast segmental column with post-tensioning tendon under impact and cyclic loading
    X.H. Zhang, H. Hao & C. Li

    Development of an anchor system for seismic and blast retrofit of reinforced concrete structures using FRP sheets
    J.E. Woods & D.T. Lau

    Study on dynamic characteristics of pre-damaged rock under impact loading
    S. Liu & C.W. Zhang

    FBG based strain monitoring of reinforced concrete blast walls under high-velocity bullets penetration
    Q.H. Zhang, Y. Wang, Y.Y. Sun, L. Gao, J.L. Duan, Z.L. Zhang, X.D. Huang, Z.W. You, F.J. Rong & Z.S. Chen

    Research on SHM of concrete based on FBGs without coating under explosion load
    Y.Y. Sun, Q.H. Zhang, L. Gao, J.L. Duan, Y. Wang, Z.L. Zhang, X.D. Huang & Z.W. You

    The effect of shear and bending capacities on impact behavior of RC beams
    P. Wongmatar, C. Hansapinyo, K.M. Bi & V. Vimonsatit

    Experimental study on steel wire mesh reinforced concrete slabs against close-in detonations
    J. Li & C.Q. Wu

    Experimental study of steel wire mesh reinforced structural insulated panels against windborne debris impact
    W.S. Chen, H. Hao & Q.F. Meng

    Numerical analysis of human body motion under explosion
    P.W. Sielicki & T. Gajewski

    Fatigue damage of V-lock chain ring for mining under random load
    Q. Zhang & H.J. Wang

    Ballistic performance of plymetal structure produced by direct metal deposition
    S.H. Masood, D. Ruan & P. Rajapatruni

    Impact responses of aluminium foam sandwich panels with fibre metal laminate skins
    C.J. Liu & Y.X. Zhang

    Design of a hybrid composite anti-ram bollard against impact
    P. Tran, S. Linforth, R. Lumantarna & T.D. Ngo

    Isogeometric analysis of functionally graded plates based on a new polynomial displacement field
    T.N. Nguyen, P. Tran & T.D. Ngo

    Design optimisation of auxetic composite structures under blast loading
    G. Imbalzano, P. Tran, S. Linforth, T.D. Ngo, P.V.S. Lee & P. Mendis

    Earthquake loading, traffic and other man-made loadings

    Effect of partially infill wall on the seismic behavior of RC frame buildings
    K. Thinley & H. Hao

    Large-scale testing of bridge system with unseating mitigation devices under spatially varying ground motions
    B. Shrestha, H. Hao, K.M. Bi, L.X. He & W.X. Ren

    Seismic performance of FRPs reinforced concrete filled steel tube
    C.Y. Zhu, L. Sun & Y.H. Zhao

    Experimental and numerical analyses on dynamic properties of materials in shaking table test
    H. Zhang, H.N. Li, D.B. Wang & M. Li

    Dimensional analysis of pounding effect between adjacent inelastic oscillators
    S. Jiang, C.W. Zhang & B. Mou

    Simulation of three-component seismic motions at seafloor using onshore earthquake recordings
    C. Li, H.N. Li, K.M. Bi & H. Hao

    Response uncertainty under varying orientations of ground motions
    Z. Alam, C.W. Zhang & B. Samali

    Earthquake-resistant performance of a steel frame model with inverse-chevron buckling restrained braces
    Y. Xu, H. Guan, H. Karampour, Y.-C. Loo & X.J. Zhou

    Nonlinear dynamics analysis of a cracked beam subjected to combined harmonic excitations by precise integration method
    C.C. Cui, J.K. Liu & Y.M. Chen

    Simplified fatigue assessment for earthquake losses: Cycle counting and fragility analysis to quantify damage
    J.B. Mander, G.W. Rodgers & D. Whittaker

    Problematic issues surrounding footfall excitation of floor slabs in buildings
    L. Nguyen & N. Haritos

    Study on the design method of story stiffness in the reinforced concrete dual structural systems
    W.X. Xu, W.S. Yang, J.G. Zhang & D.H. Yu

    Numerical simulation and experimental study for smart isolation control system based on LQR algorithm
    W.Q. Fu, W.Q. Tang & C.W. Zhang

    Dynamic modeling of magnetorheological elastomer base isolator based on extreme learning machine
    Y. Yu, Y. Li, J. Li, X. Gu & S. Royel

    A metric to measure the resilience of communities based on the seismic performance of buildings: A CBD perspective
    Q. Tao & Z. He

    Effect of damping on progressive collapse performance of structures
    J. Yu & C. Yin

    Mode-based equivalent method for seismic response analysis of soil column
    C. Li, Y. Yuan, J.Y. Yuan & H.T. Yu

    Uncertain dynamic instability analysis of column subject to axial load
    Y. Huang, A. Liu, D. Wu & W. Gao

    Structural health monitoring and damage identification, structural reliability and optimization

    Fiber Bragg Grating monitoring in the gravel soil landslide experiment
    Y. Wang, L. Gao, Y.Y. Sun, Q.H. Zhang, J.L. Duan, Z.L. Zhang, X.D. Huang & Z.W. You

    Automation processing realization of internal force monitoring information of supporting structure of foundation pit
    L. Gao, Y. Wang, J.L. Duan, Y.Y. Sun, Q.H. Zhang, X. Rong, Z. Xiong & C. Ma

    Stress response and damage of a masonry structure subjected to ground motion induced by tunnel blasting using modal analysis method
    X. Guan, C.W. Zhang, P. Zhang, X. Wang & Z. Yang

    Development of an optimum maintenance strategy for infrastructure
    H. Baji, C.Q. Li & M. Mahmoodian

    Repair of corroded steel pipelines using CFRP
    M. Elchalakani & A. Karrech

    Vibration and structural performance of PC deteriorated girder under varying environmental conditions
    M.T. Ha & S. Fukada

    Temperature-based stiffness identification of Que-Ti’s in a historic Tibetan timber building
    Q.S. Yang, M.N. Lyu & X.Q. Zhu

    Study of ultrasonic guided waves inspection for arch bridge suspender cables based on SAFE
    P.F. Zhang, Z.F. Tang, F.Z. Lv, K.J. Yang & X.Y. Jiang

    Performance framework for modular construction
    L. Pham, E. Gad, S. Fernando & K. Hargroves

    Close-range photogrammetry for accurate deformation distribution measurement
    J.J. Wang, N. Gowripalan, J. Li & V.V. Nguyen

    Soil mechanics, foundation engineering and pavement technology

    Fire-damaged flexible pavement deterioration under dynamic loading: A finite element study
    S. Fragomeni & R.C. van Staden

    Full-depth flexible pavement performance impacted by rainfall: Finite element analysis
    R.C. van Staden, S. Fragomeni & Y. Chen

    Numerical simulation of shear band on gradient plastic theory
    S. Hou, S. Guo & X. Du

    Dynamic soil-bridge interaction for incident plane waves
    S.L. Chen & J. Jin

    A constitutive model for size dependent behaviour of soils
    D.G. Phan, G.D. Nguyen & H.H. Bui

    Approach for calculating the stress response of transversely isotropic stratified soil
    Z.J. Han, X.W. Zhou & G. Lin

    Flexural behaviour of concrete pavements reinforced with geogrid materials
    A.S. Al-Hedad & M.N.S. Hadi

    Investigation of water seepage in multi-storey buildings by vibration measurements and moisture monitoring
    S.S.E. Lam, J.L. Fu, V. Wong & T.H.T. Chan

    Effects of particle shape on the collapse behaviour of a coarse grain material
    R. Mahinroosta, V. Oshtaghi & M. Li

    Experimental study on multi-layer composite pavement system under drop weight impacts
    J. Wu, X. Liu & C.W. Zhang

    Coastal and offshore structures, wave and wind loading

    Microstructural effect on the marine corrosion of low-carbon steel weldments
    I.A. Chaves & R.E. Melchers

    On collapse of pipe-in-pipe systems under external pressure
    H. Karampour, M. Alrsai, H. Guan & F. Albermani

    Anti-roll motions control of semi-submersible platform using tuned rotary inertia damper system
    H. Liang, C.W. Zhang & L. Li

    In-plane crashworthiness of chiral honeycombs
    D. Gao & C.W. Zhang

    Natural frequency and sensitivity analysis of tripod foundation for offshore wind turbine
    J.H. Zhang, Q.Y. Wang, C.W. Zhang & D.W. Gao

    Fragility curves of existing offshore platforms against storm loads using Endurance Wave Analysis (EWA)
    M. Zeinoddini, H.M. Nikoo & Y. Yaghubi

    Non-linear irregular wave interaction with a tripile foundation
    R. Mo, M. Li & H.G. Kang

    Thermal effects and fire engineering

    Tensile and shear behaviour of Hollo-Bolts at elevated temperatures
    Z. Tao, T.Y. Song & A. Razzazzadeh

    Effect of calcium aluminate cement on workability and compressive strength of fly ash geopolymer mortar cured at ambient temperature
    Y.F. Cao, Z. Tao, Z. Pan, T. Murphy & R. Wuhrer

    Study of class G well cement behavior under triaxial compression and flexure tests
    E. Arjomand, T. Bennett & G.D. Nguyen

    An investigation into the effect of exposed timber on thermal load
    C. Gorska Putynska, A. Law & J. Torero

    Fire performance of cold-formed steel stud walls lined with calcium silicate boards
    A.D. Ariyanayagam & M. Mahendran

    An investigation into temperature gradient effects on concrete performance at elevated temperatures
    Q.X. Le, V.T.N. Dao, C. Maluk, J. Torero & L. Bisby

    Efficiency of different intensity measures for probabilistic fire engineering
    M. Shrivastava, A.K. Abu, R.P. Dhakal & P.J. Moss

    Effect of transient thermal strain on the stability of shallow concrete arches
    Y. Bouras & Z. Vrcelj

    Spalling of concrete structural walls exposed to fire
    M. Hedayati, M. Sofi, P. Mendis & T.D. Ngo


    VOLUME 2


    Young experts mini-symposium on structural health monitoring

    Sensor fault detection for structural health monitoring using dynamic independent component analysis
    H.B. Huang, T.H. Yi & H.N. Li

    Structure damage identification method based on statistical characteristics of the structural vibration response
    J.X. Yang, J.Q. Shu & L. Huang

    Steel bar corrosion monitoring based on encapsulated piezoelectric sensors
    Y. Xu, J. Zhou & Y.F. Zhao

    A performance-based service life design method for reinforced concrete structures under chloride environment
    D.H. Yang, T.H. Yi & G.P. Li

    Modal frequency-ambient condition pattern recognition by a novel machine learning algorithm
    H.Q. Mu, K.-V. Yuen & S.-C. Kuok

    Dynamic loading test and numerical simulation on reinforced concrete members
    G.X. Fan, H.Y. Guo, S.T. Yang, D.B. Wang & H. Zhang

    A LC oscillation method for stress measurement of steel strands
    B.N. Zhang, X.X. Li, C. Yuan & Z.M. Chen

    Analytical global sensitivity analysis for parameter selection in finite element model updating
    H.P. Wan & W.X. Ren

    A condition assessment method for the time-variant seismically isolated structure
    Y. Ding & L.N. Guo

    Power Spectral Density Transmissibility (PSDT): An effective tool towards operational modal analysis insensitive to natural excitation
    W.J. Yan, Q. Sun & W.X. Ren

    Impact load identification for composite structures using Bayesian regularization and artificial bee colony algorithm
    G. Yan & H. Sun

    Damage localization of long-span bridges based on stress influence lines and information fusion technique and its validation
    W.B. Yang, Z.W. Chen, Q.L. Cai, S.Y. Zhu & Q.F. Cheng

    CCD deflection monitoring system for Songjiazhuang cloverleaf junction
    B.H. Shan, L. Wang, X.Y. Huo, W.T. Yuan, Z.L. Xue & J.P. Ou

    Dynamic condensation approach to finite element model updating of large-scale structures
    S. Weng, W. Tian, H.P. Zhu, F.N. Li & Y. Xia

    Study about optical fiber force-testing ring for bridge cable force monitoring
    S.Y. Li, X.F. Zhao & D.S. Li

    Behaviors prediction of pre-pressed spring self-centering energy dissipation brace
    L.H. Xu, X.W. Fan & Z.X. Li

    Impact behavior of corroded RC beams
    O. Yang & M.J. Dai

    Design and application of structural health monitoring system for Dalian gymnasium
    L. Ren, T.H. Yi & H.N. Li

    Stationarity test of vibration signals with time-frequency surrogates
    Z.C. Wang, F. Wu & W.X. Ren

    Structural damage detection from a new damage index formed from displacement response
    X.Y. Li & K. Huang

    Mechanical behavior investigation of a novel 3D isolator made of shape memory alloy pseudo-rubber
    S.C. Li, H. Xu, H. Li, C.X. Mao & G.B. Zhao

    Structural damage detection using residual force and ICA
    Z.H. Ding, Z.R. Lv & J.K. Liu

    Artificial bee colony algorithm for structural damage identification in axially functionally graded beams
    R.Z. Yao, J.K. Liu & Z.R. Lu

    Structural damage identification of a bridge from a passing test vehicle using frequency domain method
    Y. Yang & B.Y.L. Jia

    Study on the two points-pasted reinforcement corrosion monitoring method based on FBG
    L. Sun, C.Y. Zhu, C. Chen & J. Li

    Numerical analysis and experimental study on ice-induced vibration of jacket ocean offshore platform with rocking column
    J.G. Zhang & F.F. Liu

    Fatigue cracking identification of reinforced concrete bridges using vision-based sensing technology
    X.W. Ye & C.Z. Dong

    Experimental study on structural measurements analysis for finite element model updating
    H. Song, B. Wu & L.R. Zhou

    The study on the durability of GFRP rebars when sustaining load
    J.W. Tu, A. Almansoor & D.L. Guo

    Development of Elasto-Magneto-Electric (EME) sensor for steel cable force monitoring
    R. Zhang, Y.F. Duan, Y. Zhao, Y.Z. Luo, S.W. Or & K.Q. Fan

    Deflection identification of a pre-stressed concrete continuous beam bridge
    Z. Chen, Y.D. Tian, Q. Xia, P.J. Li, Y.F. Zhang, Z.S. Wu & J. Zhang

    Monitoring and seismic response analysis of long irregular base-isolated structure including temperature effect
    W.R. Li, W.Z. Zheng, Y.F. Du, H. Li & H. Wang

    Slope stability analysis and early warning via WSN technique
    Z. Lu, C.Y. Liu, X.S. Han & J.D. Peng

    The effects of service environment on health monitoring of concrete structures using smart aggregates
    D.J. Zou, C.C. Du & T.J. Liu

    Long-term performance analysis of structural key elements using monitoring data
    W. Lu, L.H. Qiu & J. Teng

    Structural health monitoring and performance evaluation of a large diameter bored pile with distributed fiber optic sensors
    D.S. Xu

    Effect of seismic duration and safety margin on structural dynamic reliability
    Z.H. Zhang, X.Y. Wu & W.J. Yang

    Damping effect on vortex-induced vibration of stay cable using cross ties installed with damper
    M. Liu & W.H. Yang

    Study on damage diagnosis indices fusion for long-span suspension bridges under ambient vibration
    J.J. Zhu, L.X. Wang, H. Jiang & X.Y. Li

    Stochastic modelling of fatigue crack evolutions in composite blades of offshore wind turbines
    C. Zhang & H.P. Chen

    Compressive sensing system based on random demodulation for structural health monitoring
    D. Liang, X. Li & Z.F. Fan

    Guided wave-based structural health monitoring of the full-scale composite aircraft tail in static test
    Y.S. Wang, H. Sun & X.L. Qing

    Study on resisting-high-strain performance of piezoelectric transducer
    H. Sun, Y.S. Wang & X.L. Qing

    Entropy change research of concrete cracking evolution based on dissipative structure
    C.S. Xiang, F.C. Mao, J.S. Cheng, Y. Zhou, M.D. Li & L.X. Wang

    System identification of an in-service utility-scale wind turbine tower for vibration-based structural health monitoring
    K.S. Dai, Y. Wang, Y. Xu, W. Zhu & J. Liu

    Damage identification of simply supported beam subjected to moving force
    W.Y. He, S. Zhu & W.X. Ren

    Reconstruction of distributed wind load on structures from response samples
    S.Q. Wu & J. Zhu

    Establish equivalent model for structure damage detection based on the main navigation channel of Donghai bridge
    H.W. Huang, H.J. Li & X. Chu

    Steady suction-based aerodynamic control for suppressing vortex induced vibration of a bridge deck section
    D.B. Xin, H.F. Zhang & J.P. Ou

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    Hong Hao received his BEng from Tianjin University, China, MSc and PhD degree from the University of California at Berkeley, USA. He is currently John Curtin Distinguished Professor, Director of Research Centre for Infrastructure Monitoring and Protection in Curtin University, Australia. He has published more than 350 journal papers in earthquake engineering, blast engineering and structural condition monitoring. Hong is the chief editor of International Journal of Protective Structures, and serves in the editorial board of another 10 journals.

    Chunwei Zhang received his BEng from the Harbin Institute of Technology, China in 1999 (formerly known as the Harbin University of Civil Engineering and Architecture), MSc and PhD degree from Harbin Institute of Technology in 2001 and 2005, respectively. He is currently the Chair Professor of Civil Engineering in Qingdao University of Technology and the Leader of Structural Vibration Control Group in Shan Dong Province, China. His research interests include structural control and health monitoring, blast and impact, protective structures and disaster mitigation. Chunwei has published one book, one book chapter, over 100 referred journal and conference papers, and successfully applied five patents to various structures including a hybrid control system for the world tallest free-standing structure – the Canton Tower.