1st Edition

Mechanisms of Plant Growth and Improved Productivity Modern Approaches

Edited By Amarjit Basra Copyright 1994

    Discusses the mechanisms of plant productivity and the factors limiting net photosynthesis, describing techniques to isolate, characterize and manipulate specific plant genes in order to enhance productivity. The uptake of carbon and the practical aspects of plant nutrition are discussed.

    Photoassimilate Transport; Plant Mineral Nutrition in Crop Production; Symbiotic Nitrogen Fixation; Molecular and Applied Aspects of Nitrate Assimilation; Nutrient Deficiencies and Vegetative Growth and Crop Productivity; Cell and Tissue Culture for Plant Improvement; Isolation and Characterization of Plant Genes; Regulation of Plant Gene Expression at the Post-translational Level - Applications to Genetic Engineering; The Induction of Gene Expression in Response to Pathogenic Microbes; Engineering Stress-Resistant Plants Through Biotechnological Approaches.


    Amarjit Basra (Central Plains Crop Tech, Wichita, Kansas USA)

    ". . .a valuable book which can be recommended for all those engaged in research and education in the areas of crop science, agriculture, horticulture, plant physiology, and molecular biology. "
    ---Journal of Agronomy and Crop Science