1st Edition

Mechanochemical Synthesis of Composite Materials

    466 Pages 42 Color & 165 B/W Illustrations
    by Jenny Stanford Publishing

    466 Pages 42 Color & 165 B/W Illustrations
    by Jenny Stanford Publishing

    Mechanochemical treatment is one of the promising directions of the chemical and technological processes of obtaining a new substance as a result of the transformation of mechanical energy into the chemical-physical processes of system restructuring. The peculiarity of the state of solid matter because of intense mechanical action is determined not only by its destruction, i.e., dispersing and obtaining a powder material with a high and active surface, but also by the accumulation of defects in the entire volume of particles, which increases their reactivity.

    This book presents the results of many years of research on the mechanochemical synthesis of composites, consisting of inorganic and organic components, obtained by the scientific team at the Institute of Combustion Problems, Kazakhstan. It begins with the general ideas about the mechanochemical process and the phenomena and further discusses the main provisions of the structural rearrangement and modification of the surface of dispersible particles.

    Introduction: The Economic Rise of China

    Zhihua Wang, Eleftherios Giovanis and Nikolaos Karagiannis

    PART I: Economic Development Management Aspects

    1. Growth and Development of China: A Developmental State ‘With Chinese Characteristics’

    Nikolaos Karagiannis, Moula Cherikh and Wolfram Elsner

    2. Functional Income Distribution, Demand Driven Growth and the Middle Income Trap: The Case of China

    Yan Liang

    3. Socialization of Investment and Institutional Changes in China: A Heterodoxy Approach

    Elias Jabbour and L. F. de Paula

    4. Afro- Chinese Labour Migration

    Franklin Obeng-Odoom

    PART II: Political Factors and Institutional Dynamics

    5. The Economic Growth of China: Enabling Politico- institutional andSocio- cultural Factors

    Philip Arestis, Nikolaos Karagiannis and Sangkwon Lee

    6. Shrinking Trust in Growing China: A Trade- Off Between Fast Growth, Change and Institutionalized Cooperation?

    Shuanping Dai and Wolfram Elsner

    7. Exploring the Foreign Exposure of Chinese Science Parks in a Triple Helix Model

    Lorenzo Compagnucci, Dominique Lepore and Francesca Spigarelli

    PART III: Cultural Attributes and Social Policies

    8. Lock- in and New Path Development of China Commodity City: The Role of Policies

    Jan Fransen

    9. Cultural Distance and Cross- Border Replication of China Multinational Corporations

    Zhihua Wang, Bo Zhou and Stuart Horsburgh

    10. Selling Hollywood to China

    James McMahon


    Zulkhair A. Mansurov is Professor at Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, Kazakhstan, and supervisor of the Institute of Combustion Problems. His scientific work includes the investigation of the kinetics and mechanisms of hydrocarbon combustion, soot formation, nanotechnology, petrochemistry, and carbon nanomaterials. He is the editor-in-chief of Eurasian Chemico-Technological Journal (English, indexed at Scopus), Combustion, and Plasma Chemistry.

    Nina N. Mofa (10.04.1946–08.16.2021) was Head of the Laboratory of Mechanochemical Processes, Institute of Combustion Problems. The focus of the laboratory was the technological development of various inorganic and composite materials both in the powdered form and as shaped products using all types of technological methods, including high-temperature sintering, self-propagating high-temperature synthesis, and mechanochemical synthesis. Prof. Mofa had authored 4 monographs and more than 300 scientific publications.

    Tlek A. Ketegenov is General Director of the Institute of Combustion Problems and Professor at al-Farabi Kazakh National University. His research interests are applied mechanochemistry (mechanochemical beneficiation of minerals, production of nanocomposites materials), combustion and explosion processes, issues of metal leaching, and testing of protective polymer coatings.

    Bakhtiyar S. Sadykov is a senior researcher at the Laboratory of Mechanochemical Processes of the Institute of Combustion Problems and a senior lecturer at the Faculty of Physics and Technology of al-Farabi Kazakh National University. His main scientific interest is focused on the fundamental research on the processes of crushing and mechanical synthesis of new nanostructured compositions.