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Covering the Courts Free Press, Fair Trials, and Journalistic Performance

Covering the Courts: Free Press, Fair Trials, and Journalistic Performance

1st Edition

By Robert Giles
January 31, 1999

Covering the Courts shows how writers and journalists deal with present-day major trials, such as those involving Timothy McVeigh and O.J. Simpson. The volume features such outstanding contributors as Linda Deutsch and Fred Graham, and provides an in-depth look at the performance of the court in an...

Covering China

Covering China

1st Edition

Edited By Robert Giles
March 31, 2001

The relationship between China and the United States has been marked by a lack of mutual comprehension that stretches from America's missionary paternalism in the early twentieth century to the fears and fascinations of the present. Throughout the twentieth century China has attracted the attention...

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