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Mediated Interpersonal Communication

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    by Routledge

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    by Routledge

    Mediated interpersonal communication is one of the most dynamic areas in communication studies, reflecting how individuals utilize technology more and more often in their personal interactions. Organizations also rely increasingly on mediated interaction for their communications. Responding to this evolution in communication, this collection explores how existing and new personal communication technologies facilitate and change interpersonal interactions. Chapters offer in-depth examinations of mediated interpersonal communication in various contexts and applications. Contributions come from well-known scholars based around the world, reflecting the strong international interest and work in the area.

    Part I. Bridging the disciplines

    1. Elly A. Konijn, Sonja Utz, Martin Tanis, & Susan B. Barnes


    How Technology Affects Human Interaction (Introduction)

    2. Susan B. Barnes, Ph.D.

    (Associate Professor Rochester Institute of Technology):

    Understanding Social Media from the Media Ecological Perspective

    3. Melanie D. Polkosky, Ph.D.

    (CCC-SLP, IBM Corporation and University of South Florida):

    Machines as Mediators: The Challenge of Technology for Interpersonal

    Communication Theory and Research

    4. S. Shyam Sundar, Ph.D.

    (PhD, Media Effects Research Laboratory, Penn State University)

    Self as Source: Agency and Customization in Interactive Media


    Part II. Technology as relationship enabler

    5. Jeremy Bailenson1, Nick Yee1, Jim Blascovich2, Rosanna E. Guadagno2

    (1Department of Communication, Stanford University; 2 Psychology department at UCSB):

    Transformed Social Interaction in Mediated Interpersonal


    6. Elly A. Konijn1, Ph.D., & Henriette Van Vugt1, 2:

    (Department of Communication1 & Department of Computer Sciences,

    HCI2, VU University Amsterdam).

    Emotions in Mediated Interpersonal Communication: Toward Modeling Emotion in Virtual Humans

    7. Gary Bente, Nicole C. Krämer, & Felix Eschenburg

    (Department of Psychology, University of Cologne)

    Is There Anybody Out There? Analyzing the Effects of Embodiment and Nonverbal Behavior in Avatar-Mediated Communication

    8. Margaret McLaughlin, Weirong Zhu, Wei Peng, Younbo Jung, and SeungA Jin

    (Annenberg School for Communication, University of Southern California,

    Los Angeles, CA USA)

    Touch in Computer-Mediated Communication

    9. Tilo Hartmann, Ph.D.

    (Department of Mass Communication and Media Research,

    University of Zurich):

    Parasocial Interactions with New Media Characters

    10. Karen M. Douglas, Ph.D.

    (Department of Psychology, University of Kent at Canterbury):

    Antisocial Communication on Electronic Mail and the Internet


    Part III. The appeal of communicating through technology

    11. Sriram Kalyanaraman1 & S. Shyam Sundar2

    (1Ph.D., University of North Carolina,2Ph.D., Media Effects Research Laboratory,

    Penn State University):

    Impression Formation in Mediated Online Communication

    12. Monica Whitty, Ph.D.

    (Queens University, Belfast):

    The Joys of Online Dating

    13. Sonja Utz, Ph.D.

    (Department of Communication, Free University, Amsterdam).

    Social Identification With Virtual Communities

    14. Joseph B. Walther, Ph.D.

    (Professor, Dept. of Communication, Cornell University)

    Problems and interventions in computer-mediated virtual groups

    15. Martin Tanis, Ph.D.

    (Department of Communication, Free University, Amsterdam).

    What Makes the Internet a Place to Seek Social Support?

    16. Christoph Klimmt and Tilo Hartmann

    (Ph.D.s, Department of Journalism and Communication Research, Hanover

    University of Music and Drama)

    Mediated Interpersonal Communication in Multiplayer Video Games:

    Implications for Entertainment and Relationship Management

    17. Dirk Oegema, Jan Kleinnijenhuis, Koos Anderson

    (Ph.D.s, Department of Communication, Free University, Amsterdam).

    Flaming and Blaming: The Influence of Mass Media Content on

    Interactions in On-line Discussions

    18. Louis Leung, Ph.D.

    (Associate Professor & Director Center for Communication Research,

    School of Journalism & Communication, The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

    Leisure Boredom, Sensation Seeking, Self-esteem, and Addiction

    Symptoms, and Patterns of Mobile Phone Use.



    Elly A. Konijn, Sonja Utz, Martin Tanis, Susan B. Barnes

    Selected as a CHOICE Outstanding Academic Book of 2009

    "Undoubtedly the most significant study of interpersonal communication to appear in the last 50 years..." --CHOICE