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Otolaryngology A Color Handbook

Otolaryngology: A Color Handbook

1st Edition

Edited By Laura H. Swibel Rosenthal, Monica O. Patadia, James A. Stankiewicz
September 01, 2016

This book is designed to help the busy practitioner develop a differential diagnosis for the otolaryngology problems they encounter in the outpatient, inpatient, or emergency setting. The authors discuss clinical presentations and treatments, complemented by photographs of examinations and ...

Pediatric Gastroenterology A Color Handbook

Pediatric Gastroenterology: A Color Handbook

1st Edition

By John F. Pohl, Christopher Jolley, Daniel Gelfond
May 27, 2014

Highly Commended, BMA Medical Book Awards 2015 During the past 20 years, there has been an explosion of clinical, basic science, and translational research leading to a better understanding of the physiology and disease processes in the gastrointestinal system of children. Endoscopic techniques ...

Genital and Perianal Diseases A Color Handbook

Genital and Perianal Diseases: A Color Handbook

1st Edition

By Tomasz F. Mroczkowski, Larry E. Millikan, Lawrence Charles Parish, MD
November 18, 2013

Highly Commended, BMA Medical Book Awards 2014 Despite the development of penicillin and other treatments, the incidence of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) worldwide continues to rise. In Genital and Perianal Diseases, A Colour Handbook, the authors discuss the diagnosis and treatment of the ...

Oral Medicine

Oral Medicine

2nd Edition

By Michael Lewis, Richard Jordan
September 16, 2013

This is a revised edition of a bestselling handbook. The authors have fully updated the text to include the most up to date treatment options, have added a section on head and neck imaging (CT/MRI), a series of self-test clinical cases, and 100 new photographs. The book uses a symptom-based ...

Rheumatology A Color Handbook

Rheumatology: A Color Handbook

1st Edition

By Ted Mikuls, Amy Cannella, Gerald Moore, James O'Dell, Alan Erikson, Geoffrey Thiele
March 15, 2013

This book provides the reader with a complete and concise introduction to rheumatic illness. While rheumatic disease often manifests itself in conditions affecting the musculoskeletal system, the authors stress that a comprehensive multidisciplinary approach is needed for diagnosis, to aid ...

Pediatric Clinical Ophthalmology A Color Handbook

Pediatric Clinical Ophthalmology: A Color Handbook

1st Edition

By Scott Olitsky, Leonard Nelson
May 30, 2012

This clinically oriented volume reviews the signs, symptoms and treatment of common ocular diseases and disorders in infants and children. Ocular disorders are of major significance as they often provide clues to the presence, not only of systemic diseases, but also of other congenital ...

Pediatric Rheumatology A Color Handbook

Pediatric Rheumatology: A Color Handbook

1st Edition

By Anne Marie Reed, Thomas Mason
April 30, 2012

Physicians caring for children with rheumatic disease need a varied and highly developed set of clinical skills, including general pediatrics, immunology, musculoskeletal medicine and the management of chronic diseases.With these requirements in mind, the authors of this concise handbook emphasize ...

Skin Diseases in the Elderly A Color Handbook

Skin Diseases in the Elderly: A Color Handbook

1st Edition

By Colby Evans, Whitney High
December 15, 2011

In this new color handbook, the authors deal systematically with those skin conditions that are particular to or more common in the elderly covering testing, diagnosis and treatment options. Given ageing populations the need for such a book is urgent. More and more elderly patients will seek care ...

Acute Adult Dermatology Diagnosis and Management: A Colour Handbook

Acute Adult Dermatology: Diagnosis and Management: A Colour Handbook

1st Edition

By Daniel Creamer, Jonathan Barker, Francisco A. Kerdel
February 04, 2011

A significant proportion of skin disease develops rapidly, is highly symptomatic and can be associated with considerable morbidity. While most patients with acute skin disorders are initially seen by primary care services, acute dermatology is also encountered in hospital emergency departments and ...



2nd Edition

By Ralph Boulton, Claire Cousins, Sanjeev Gupta, Humphrey Hodgson
February 04, 2011

This convenient and user friendly handbook combines the advantages of a color atlas with those of a short text. The authors provide systematic coverage of the diseases and disorders of the digestive tract. Each condition is described and illustrated on a single page or spread of pages. This edition...

Dermatology A Colour Handbook, Second Edition

Dermatology: A Colour Handbook, Second Edition

2nd Edition

By Richard Rycroft, Stuart Robertson, Sarah Wakelin
January 15, 2010

This book combines the advantages of a color atlas with those of a concise textbook, and details the essential features of all but the very rarest skin diseases. The book provides the definition of each disease/disorder, clinical features, epidemiology, differential diagnosis, investigations and ...

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