1st Edition

Medical Examination Made Memorable Integrating Everything, Book 4

By Yousaf Shahed, Anthony Culyer Copyright 2010

    Examination is an area of medical practice which requires much factual, diagnostic and procedural knowledge to be committed to memory: this in itself can be a challenging feat. Medical Examination Made Memorable puts research on learning and memorising techniques into action, presenting medical examination in a unique, enjoyable and easy-to-learn format. Health conditions are linked to well-known people, and specially drawn images - often deliberately bizarre or exaggerated to make them more memorable - are included throughout. Information is broken down into easily recallable chunks, and mnemonics (which may not suit all learning styles) are only included where especially clear or useful. Discussing information with others stimulates the aural component of memory, and practicing physical skills leads to kinaesthetic memorisation (muscle memory): the book also takes these vital learning techniques into account. Medical Examination Made Memorable is a vital reference and aide-memoire for students and practitioners at all levels and in all specialisms.

    General examination. Cardiovascular system. Dermatology. Elderly care. Endocrinology. Eyes. Gastroenterology. Neurology, Cranial nerves. Neurology, Peripheral nerve examination. Psychiatry. Respiratory system. Rheumatology.


    Yousaf Shahed, Anthony Culyer