1st Edition

Medical Image Analysis Methods

Edited By Lena Costaridou Copyright 2005

    To successfully detect and diagnose disease, it is vital for medical diagnosticians to properly apply the latest medical imaging technologies. It is a worrisome reality that due to either the nature or volume of some of the images provided, early or obscured signs of disease can go undetected or be misdiagnosed. To combat these inaccuracies, diagno

    Computer-Aided Diagnosis of Breast Cancer. Medical Image Processing and Analysis for CAD Systems. Texture and Morphological Analysis of Ultrasound Images of the Carotid Plaque for the Assessment of Stroke. Biomedical Image Classification Methods and Techniques. Texture Characterization Using Autoregressive Models with Application to Medical Imaging. Locally Adaptive Wavelet Contrast Enhancement. 3D Multiscale Watershed Segmentation of MR Images. A MRF-Based Approach for the Measurement of Skin Thickness in Mammography. Landmark-based Registration of Medical Image Data. Graph-based Analysis of Aminoacid Sequences. Estimation of Human Cortical Connectivity with Multimodal Integration of fMRI and High Resolution EEG. Evaluation Strategies for Medical Image Analysis and Processing Methodologies.


    Lena Costaridou