2nd Edition

Medical Image Processing, Reconstruction and Analysis Concepts and Methods, Second Edition

By Jiri Jan Copyright 2020
    598 Pages 300 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

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    Differently oriented specialists and students involved in image processing and analysis need to have a firm grasp of concepts and methods used in this now widely utilized area. This book aims at being a single-source reference providing such foundations in the form of theoretical yet clear and easy to follow explanations of underlying generic concepts.

    Medical Image Processing, Reconstruction and Analysis – Concepts and Methods explains the general principles and methods of image processing and analysis, focusing namely on applications used in medical imaging.

    The content of this book is divided into three parts:

    • Part IImages as Multidimensional Signals provides the introduction to basic image processing theory, explaining it for both analogue and digital image representations.
    • Part IIImaging Systems as Data Sources offers a non-traditional view on imaging modalities, explaining their principles influencing properties of the obtained images that are to be subsequently processed by methods described in this book. Newly, principles of novel modalities, as spectral CT, functional MRI, ultrafast planar-wave ultrasonography and optical coherence tomography are included.
    • Part IIIImage Processing and Analysis focuses on tomographic image reconstruction, image fusion and methods of image enhancement and restoration; further it explains concepts of low-level image analysis as texture analysis, image segmentation and morphological transforms. A new chapter deals with selected areas of higher-level analysis, as principal and independent component analysis and particularly the novel analytic approach based on deep learning. Briefly, also the medical image-processing environment is treated, including processes for image archiving and communication.


    • Presents a theoretically exact yet understandable explanation of image processing and analysis concepts and methods
    • Offers practical interpretations of all theoretical conclusions, as derived in the consistent explanation
    • Provides a concise treatment of a wide variety of medical imaging modalities including novel ones, with respect to properties of provided image data

    PART I Images as Multidimensional Signals

    Chapter 1 Analogue (Continuous-Space) Image Representation

    Chapter 2 Digital Image Representation

    PART II Imaging Systems as Data Sources

    Chapter 3 Planar X-Ray Imaging

    Chapter 5 Magnetic Resonance Imaging

    Chapter 6 Nuclear Imaging

    Chapter 7 Ultrasonography

    Chapter 8 Other Modalities

    PART III Image Processing and Analysis

    Chapter 9 Reconstructing Tomographic Images

    Chapter 10 Image Fusion

    Chapter 11 Image Enhancement

    Chapter 12 Image Restoration

    Chapter 13 Lower-Level Image Analysis

    Chapter 14 Selected Higher-Level Image Analysis Methods

    Chapter 15 Medical Image Processing Environment


    Jiri Jan is a full Professor within the Department of Biomedical Engineering at Brno University in the Czech Republic. He has been an active researcher and educator in medical image processing and analysis over the past thirty years. He is the founding president of the European Association of Medical Imaging and has written over 200 peer reviewed journal articles, 30 book chapters and authored/edited four books within medical imaging.