Medical Infrared Imaging : Principles and Practices book cover
1st Edition

Medical Infrared Imaging
Principles and Practices

ISBN 9781439872499
Published December 12, 2012 by CRC Press
638 Pages 312 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

The evolution of technological advances in infrared sensor technology, image processing, "smart" algorithms, knowledge-based databases, and their overall system integration has resulted in new methods of research and use in medical infrared imaging. The development of infrared cameras with focal plane arrays no longer requiring cooling, added a new dimension to this modality. Medical Infrared Imaging: Principles and Practices covers new ideas, concepts, and technologies along with historical background and clinical applications.

The book begins by exploring worldwide advances in the medical applications of thermal imaging systems. It covers technology and hardware including detectors, detector materials, un-cooled focal plane arrays, high performance systems, camera characterization, electronics for on-chip image processing, optics, and cost-reduction designs. It then discusses the physiological basis of the thermal signature and its interpretation in a medical setting. The book also covers novel and emerging techniques, the complexities and importance of protocols for effective and reproducible results, storage and retrieval of thermal images, and ethical obligations.

Of interest to both the medical and biomedical engineering communities, the book explores many opportunities for developing and conducting multidisciplinary research in many areas of medical infrared imaging. These range from clinical quantification to intelligent image processing for enhancement of the interpretation of images, and for further development of user-friendly high-resolution thermal cameras. These would enable the wide use of infrared imaging as a viable, noninvasive, low-cost, first-line detection modality.

Table of Contents

Advances in Medical Infrared Imaging: An Update, Nicholas A. Diakides, Mary Diakides, Jasper Lupo, Jeffrey Paul, and Raymond Balcerak

The Historical Development of Thermometry and Thermal Imaging in Medicine, Francis E. Ring and Bryan F. Jones

Infrared Detectors and Detector Arrays, Paul R. Norton, Stuart B. Horn, Joseph G. Pellegrino, and Philip Perconti

Infrared Camera Characterization, Joseph G. Pellegrino, Jason Zeibel, Ronald G. Driggers, and Philip Perconti
Infrared Camera and Optics for Medical Applications, Michael W. Grenn, Jay Vizgaitis, Joseph G. Pellegrino, and Philip Perconti
Physiology of Thermal Signals, David D. Pascoe, James B. Mercer, and Louis de Weerd
Quantitative Active Dynamic Thermal IR-Imaging and Thermal Tomography in Medical Diagnostics, Antoni Nowakowski
Dynamic Thermal Assessment, Michael Anbar
Thermal Texture Mapping: Whole-Body Infrared Imaging and Its Holistic Interpretation, H. Helen Liu and Zhong Qi Liu
Infrared Imaging of the Breast: A Review, William C. Amalu, William B. Hobbins, Jonathan F. Head, and Robert L. Elliot
Functional Infrared Imaging of the Breast: Historical Perspectives, Current Application, and Future Considerations, John R. Keyserlingk, P. D. Ahlgren, E. Yu, Normand Belliveau, and Mariam Yassa
MammoVision (Infrared Breast Thermography) Compared to X-Ray Mammography and Ultrasonography: 114 Cases Evaluated, Reinhold Berz and Claus Schulte-Uebbing
Detecting Breast Cancer from Thermal Infrared Images by Asymmetry Analysis, Hairong Qi, Phani Teja Kuruganti, and Wesley E. Snyder
Application of Nonparametric Windows in Estimating the Mutual Information between Bilateral Breasts in Thermograms, M. Etehadtavakol, E.Y.K. Ng, Caro Lucas, S. Sadri, and N. Gheissari
Breast Cancer Screening Based on Thermal Image Classification, Boguslaw Wiecek, Maria Wiecek, Robert Strakowski, M. Strzelecki, T. Jakubowska, M. Wysocki, and C. Drews-Peszynski
Fuzzy C Means Segmentation and Fractal Analysis of the Benign and Malignant Breast Thermograms, M. Etehadtavakol, E. Y. K. Ng, Caro Lucas, and S. Sadri
The Role of Thermal Monitoring in Cardiosurgery Interventions, Antoni Nowakowski, Mariusz Kaczmarek, and Jan Rogowski
Physiology-Based Face Recognition in the Thermal Infrared Spectrum, Pradeep Buddharaju and Ioannis Pavlidis
Noninvasive Infrared Imaging for Functional Monitoring of Disease Processes, Moinuddin Hassan, Jana Kainerstorfer, Victor Chernomordik, Abby Vogel, Israel Gannot, Richard F. Little, Robert Yarchoan, and Amir H. Gandjbakhche
Biomedical Applications of Functional Infrared Imaging, Arcangelo Merla and Gian Luca Romani
Modeling Infrared Imaging Data for the Assessment of Functional Impairment in Thermoregulatory Processes, Alessandro Mariotti and Arcangelo Merla
Infrared Thermal Imaging Standards for Human Fever Detection, Francis J. Ring and E.Y.K. Ng
Thermal Imager as Fever Identification Tool for Infectious Diseases Outbreak, E.Y.K. Ng
Thermal Imaging in Diseases of the Skeletal and Neuromuscular Systems, Francis E. Ring and Kurt Ammer
Functional Infrared Imaging in the Evaluation of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, Type I: Current Pathophysiological Concepts, Methodology, Case Studies, and Clinical Implications, Timothy D. Conwell and James Giordano
Thermal Imaging in Surgery, Paul Campbell and Roderick Thomas
Thermal Signals and Cutaneous Circulation in Physiological Research and Reconstructive Surgery, David D. Pascoe, Louis de Weerd, James B. Mercer, Joshua E. Lane, and Sven Weum
Infrared Imaging Applied to Dentistry, Barton M. Gratt
Laser Infrared Thermography of Biological Tissues, Alexander Sviridov and Andrey Kondyurin
Use of Infrared Imaging in Veterinary Medicine, Ram C. Purohit, Tracy A. Turner, and David D. Pascoe
Standard Procedures for Infrared Imaging in Medicine, Kurt Ammer and Francis E. Ring
Storage and Retrieval of Medical Infrared Images, Gerald Schaefer
Ethical Obligations in Infrared Imaging Research and Practice, James Giordano and Kim Abramson

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