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Medical Law and Ethics: Medical Law and Ethics

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The 21st century seems likely to witness some of the most major developments in medicine and healthcare ever seen. At the same time, the debate about the extent to which science and/or medicine should lead the moral agenda continues, as do questions about the appropriate role for law. This series brings together some of the best contemporary academic commentators to tackle these dilemmas in a challenging, informed and inquiring manner. The scope of the series is purposely wide, including contributions from a variety of disciplines such as law, philosophy and social sciences.

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The Child As Vulnerable Patient Protection and Empowerment

The Child As Vulnerable Patient: Protection and Empowerment

1st Edition

By Lynn Hagger
June 06, 2019

How can medical law and ethics take forward the issue of children's empowerment and protection? What are the key factors in considering the balance between protecting the welfare of the young and allowing them rights to autonomy? The Child as Vulnerable Patient investigates the role that a human ...

Law, Mind and Brain

Law, Mind and Brain

1st Edition

By Michael Freeman, Oliver R. Goodenough
April 28, 2009

Over the past 20 years, cognitive neuroscience has revolutionized our ability to understand the nature of human thought. Working with the understandings of traditional psychology, the new brain science is transforming many disciplines, from economics to literary theory. These developments are now ...

Disclosure Dilemmas Ethics of Genetic Prognosis after the 'Right to Know/Not to Know' Debate

Disclosure Dilemmas: Ethics of Genetic Prognosis after the 'Right to Know/Not to Know' Debate

1st Edition

Edited By Christoph Rehmann-Sutter, Hansjakob Müller
June 15, 2009

There exists today a fast growing availability of personal genetic information. Its prognostic impact and value for an individual or family member's health is sometimes unclear, whilst at other times it is clear-cut. The issue of whether to disclose genetic information does however have wide ...

Medical Self-Regulation Crisis and Change

Medical Self-Regulation: Crisis and Change

1st Edition

By Mark Davies
November 10, 2016

Self-regulation constitutes an important aspect of the regulatory and oversight process governing professionals. This book focuses directly on medical self-regulation in the context of both the wider regulatory framework and that of other regulatory models. Through a critical consideration of ...

Ethical Issues of Human Genetic Databases A Challenge to Classical Health Research Ethics?

Ethical Issues of Human Genetic Databases: A Challenge to Classical Health Research Ethics?

1st Edition

By Bernice Elger
November 16, 2016

Following the boom in population databases in recent years there has been sustained and intense international debate about political processes and legal and ethical issues surrounding the protection and use of genetic data. As a result, several national and international organizations and ...

Altruism Reconsidered Exploring New Approaches to Property in Human Tissue

Altruism Reconsidered: Exploring New Approaches to Property in Human Tissue

1st Edition

Edited By Michael Steinmann, Peter Sýkora, Urban Wiesing
November 10, 2016

As the use of human body parts has become increasingly commercialized, a need has arisen for new approaches to regulation that moves beyond the paradigm of altruism. During the course of this discussion, the notion of property has become a key concept. Focusing on practical and conceptual ...

The Generosity of the Dead A Sociology of Organ Procurement in France

The Generosity of the Dead: A Sociology of Organ Procurement in France

1st Edition

By Graciela Nowenstein
November 10, 2016

There has been a general assumption in the international debate surrounding organ procurement that Presumed Consent (opting-out) systems produce better results than Express Consent (opting-in) systems. This study uses the French case to challenge this widely held assumption and argues that the ...

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