1st Edition

Medical Leadership From the Dark Side to Centre Stage

By Peter Spurgeon, John Clark, Chris Ham Copyright 2011

    'Successful medical leaders are usually, but not always, experienced and credible clinicians with good people skills, who look beyond the boundaries of their own specialty or institution, who are positive and perseverant and who are prepared to take reasonable risks to achieve their goals. Most importantly they know how to engage their colleagues and effect change. They understand the principles of organisational performance and the balance between professional autonomy and corporate behaviour - ' Sir Bruce Keogh, in the Foreword This book is a comprehensive account of the key aspects of medical leadership. Easy to read and highly accessible, it explores how the medical profession has evolved in tandem with administrative and structural aspects of the NHS: previously reluctant leaders, doctors are increasingly positive about adopting management and organisational responsibility. Assuming leadership roles at all stages of their training and career is a progressively vital component of the definition of a 'good doctor'. Completely up-to-date, this book features exciting and critical developments such as the embedding of the Medical Leadership Competency Framework as a statutory element of the training and development of all doctors, and the establishment of a new Faculty of Medical Leadership and Management. It is highly recommended, inspiring reading for all medical professionals taking on formal leadership roles. Junior doctors, too, will find much of interest.

    An introduction to medical leadership and a perspective on this text. Doctors and managers: differing perspectives. Roles and models of leadership. Health system reform and the role of medical leaders. A historical perspective on medical leadership. An international overview: approaches to medical leadership in various systems. Why does it matter? Medical engagement and organisational performance. The development of the Medical Leadership Competency Framework. Practical examples of initiatives to embed leadership development. Medical leadership: towards cultural acceptance and the future.


    Peter Spurgeon, John Clark, Chris Ham