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Medical Self-Assessment Color Review Series

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Clinical Neurology and Neurosurgery Self-Assessment Colour Review

Clinical Neurology and Neurosurgery: Self-Assessment Colour Review

1st Edition

By Neil D. Kitchen, Guy McKhann, Hadi Manji
October 09, 2015

This illustrated colour review covers all aspects of neurology and neurosurgery including: dystonia, tremor, akinetic rigid syndrome (Parkinsonian conditions), infectious diseases, headache, brain tumors, demyelinating disease, epilepsy, neuro-ophthalmology, peripheral neuropathy, clinical ...

Adult Emergency Medicine Self-Assessment Color Review

Adult Emergency Medicine: Self-Assessment Color Review

1st Edition

By John F. O'Brien
December 21, 2012

This new volume in the established and well-respected series of Self-Assessment Color Reviews covers all aspects of adult emergency medicine. Some 250 cases are presented randomly to reflect real-life practice. Each case consists of one or more questions, illustrated by stimulating visual material...

Dermatology Self-Assessment Colour Review

Dermatology: Self-Assessment Colour Review

1st Edition

By Ronald Marks
July 31, 2012

This collection of over 200 clinical cases—comprising questions, top quality color photos and detailed explanatory answers—covers most aspects of dermatology. The author emphasizes more common conditions, but also features some more unusual and challenging cases. The cases are presented randomly to...

Respiratory Medicine Self-Assessment Colour Review, Third Edition

Respiratory Medicine: Self-Assessment Colour Review, Third Edition

3rd Edition

By Stephen G. Spiro, Richard K. Albert, Jerry Brown, Neal Navani
April 15, 2011

This edition integrates self-test questions, illustrations, and detailed explanations, as well as provides new material on sleep-disordered breathing, the newer methods of staging of lung cancer, interstitial lung diseases, and infections....

Neuroimaging Self-Assessment Colour Review

Neuroimaging: Self-Assessment Colour Review

1st Edition

By Kirsten Forbes, Sanjay Shetty, Michael H Lev, Joseph Heiserman
May 30, 2008

This self-assessment colour review will be useful to neurologists and neuroradiologists in training and practice as it covers the full spectrum of neurological disease using modern imaging techniques - MRI, CT, invasive and non-invasive vascular imaging. The emphasis is on diagnostic neuroimaging ...

Cardiology Self-Assessment Colour Review, Second Edition

Cardiology: Self-Assessment Colour Review, Second Edition

2nd Edition

By Stuart Rosen, Rajan Sharma, Celia M. Oakley
March 01, 2004

Reflecting the latest advances in investigative techniques and treatment, this self-assessment volume contains more than 200 clinical cases in the form of multi-part questions with detailed integrated answers. The question-and-answer format is supplemented with line drawings and photographs of ...

Hepatobiliary Medicine

Hepatobiliary Medicine

1st Edition

By Roger W Chapman, Henry C Bodenheimer Jr.
March 03, 2003

Hepatobiliary medicine has seen major recent scientific advances in viral hepatitis, haemochromatosis and autoimmune liver/disease helped by imaging advances in MRI and CT. This volume of some 200 cases, written by an internationally renowned author team, covers the whole spectrum of liver disease,...

Clinical Anatomy Self-Assessment Colour Review

Clinical Anatomy: Self-Assessment Colour Review

1st Edition

By Edward J Evans, Bernard J Moxham, Richard L. M Newell, Robert M Santer
April 21, 1999

An understanding of the relevance of anatomy to clinical practice is fundamental for medical students and young doctors. For this reason most of the questions in this self-assessment book are presented as case histories or clinical puzzles that require anatomical information for their elucidation. ...

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