1st Edition

Medical Tourism and Wellness Hospitality Bridging Healthcare (H2H)

Edited By Frederick J. DeMicco Copyright 2017
    480 Pages 26 Color & 92 B/W Illustrations
    by Apple Academic Press

    480 Pages 26 Color & 92 B/W Illustrations
    by Apple Academic Press

    480 Pages 26 Color & 92 B/W Illustrations
    by Apple Academic Press

    Medical Tourism and Wellness: Hospitality Bridging Healthcare (H2H) takes a systems approach to examining the growing field of medical tourism, one of the field’s hottest niches, with billions of dollars spent each year. This important book fills the need for a modern management book that looks at medical tourism in depth from a medical and hospitality operational management perspective.

    Growing numbers of people are going abroad to find affordable quality medical care for both necessary and cosmetic medical services. When they require surgery or dental work, they combine it with a trip to the Taj Mahal, a photo safari on the African veldt, or a stay at a luxury hotel—or at a hospital that feels like one—all at bargain-basement prices. The book takes a comprehensive look at medical tourism, covering such topics as:

    • The history of medical tourism

    • Why patients/tourists decide to travel for medical care

    • The role of professional facilitators of medical tourism

    • Key countries and medical disciplines in medical tourism

    • Transportation, food, entertainment, and hotel/hospitality services

    • Hotel and spa designs for medical tourism

    • Best practices in medical tourism

    • Patient follow-up after medical discharge

    • Future trends in medical tourism

    • Careers in medical tourism

    With the inclusion of case studies, the book provides a comprehensive look into this growing trend and will be valuable to upper-level undergraduate and graduate students in health care administration and those pursing MBAs in healthcare, medical students pursuing a management focus, and students in hospitality management. It will also be a must-have resource for professionals working in hotels and in health care.


    Frederick J. De Micco

    Introduction to the Phenomenon of "Medical Tourism"

    Dan Cormany

    Using the System Model to Describe the Workings of the Mayo Clinic for Medical Tourism

    Frederick J. DeMicco and Dongqiong Patty Luo

    An Overview of the Affordable Care Act and the Importance of Bringing Hotel/Hospitality Quality Services to Healthcare

    Barbara Otto-Bedard and Frederick J. DeMicco

    A Disney Approach to Medical Tourism and Wellness

    Frederick J. DeMicco

    Improving the Health Care: The Patient/Guest Experience Academy

    Frederick J. DeMicco and Ali Poorani

    Bringing Hotel Hospitality Service Skills to Healthcare: The Guest Service Gold Training Program from the Educational Institute of the American Hotel & Lodging Association

    Frederick J. DeMicco

    Health Communication: Insights for Quality Hospitality Bridging Healthcare (H2H) Delivery in Medical Tourism

    Alicia M. Mason and Elizabeth Spencer

    The Medical Spa in Healthcare: Exploring the Role of the Registered Dietitian

    Allison Mast and Frederick J. DeMicco

    Domestic Medical Tourism: A Neglected Dimension of Medical Tourism Research

    Simon Hudson and Xiang (Robert) Li

    Evaluating the Performance of the Hotels in the Vicinity of the Selected World’s Prominent Hospitals An Empirical Research Project

    Erfan Rezvani and Frederick J. DeMicco

    Future Trends in Medical Tourism and Wellness: Club Med or Club Medic?

    Frederick J. DeMicco, Erfan Rezvani, and Jingyan Wang

    A Cottage Industry Emerging in Medical Tourism: Medical Cannabis Tourism

    Scott Giannotti

    New Innovations in Medical Tourism and Wellness in Europe: Switzerland

    Frederick J. DeMicco

    Best "Experience" Practices in Medical Tourism

    Mengyu Li and Frederick J. DeMicco

    Case Study: Medical Tourism: Recovery, Rainforests, and Restructuring: Opportunities for Hotels Bridging Healthcare (H2H)

    Frederick J. DeMicco

    Case Study: Providing the Comforts of Home for Patients and Families of Geisinger Medical Center

    Plato Ghinos

    Future Strategy for Medical Tourism and Wellness in China

    Ali Poorani and Nan Jiang

    Medical Tourism Today and in the Future for China

    Ali Poorani and Nan Jiang

    Trends in Medical Tourism in South Korea

    Jiseon Ahn, Ki-Joon Back, and Jungkun Park


    Frederick J. DeMicco, PhD, RD, CGSP, is a Full Professor and holds the ARAMARK Endowed Chair in the Department of Hospitality Business Management at the University of Delaware. Formerly, he was Associate Director in the School of Hotel, Restaurant and Recreation Management at Penn State University, where he was Professor-in-Charge of the HRIM undergraduate and graduate programs for five years. He also holds the Conti Distinguished Professorship at the Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA.

    Dr. DeMicco’s research and scholarship interests are in international strategic management, hospitality leadership, and innovation. He has worked on projects with the Aramark Corporation for the last four Summer Olympics (Atlanta, Australia, Athens, and Beijing). He is on the editorial board of the Hospitality Research Journal, as well as the author and co-author of more than 100 publications in the area of hospitality and tourism management. Dr. DeMicco is ranked 12th among the 119 most cited international hospitality faculty, and he is tied for 37th (with Harvard’s Michael Porter) as a scholar most cited by hospitality education faculty.

    He has sat on the boards of the Delaware Restaurant Association, the Delaware Hotel & Lodging Association, and International CHRIE. He was President of ICHRIE NENA (North East North American Federation).

    Dr. DeMicco has taught and conducted research in Europe, Scandinavia, Australia/NZ, China, and the Caribbean (including cruise ships). He has co-authored the textbook Contemporary Management Theory: Controlling and Analyzing Costs in Foodservice Operations (5th edition) with James Keiser, Cihan Cobanoglu, and Robert N. Grimes, The book is used at approximately 100 CHRIE-affiliated universities and has been translated into Japanese. He is also the first author of Restaurant Management: A Best Practices Approach with publisher Kendall-Hunt. Dr. DeMicco is also a co-author with Dr. Marvin Cetron and Owen Davies for the book Hospitality 2015: The Future of Hospitality and Tourism, which looks at trends for the tourism hospitality and travel industry.

    In 2008, Dr. DeMicco received the AH&LA Educational Institute’s Lamp of Knowledge Award for Outstanding United States Educator. LODGING Magazine honored Dr. DeMicco as the Lodging Industry’s Top Education Innovator for 2006.

    Dr. DeMicco completed his PhD in Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Management at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University under Professor Dr. Michael D. Olsen. In 1996, he completed a sabbatical in Hotel Management at Walt Disney World, Florida. Dr. DeMicco also obtained a Ducktorate Degree from Disney University, Orlando Florida.

    "Fred DeMicco shares his insights about the past, present and future of healthcare and hospitality. His deep and broad experience in the practice, education, and research aspects of hospitality and healthcare are evident throughout the book. He is a recognized expert on medical tourism and hospitality who has worked directly with iconic organizations such as Massachusetts General Hospital and Walt Disney World. . . . Whether you have been in business for 150 years or 150 days, this book is an invaluable resource that will show you how to make excellence a habit as you strive to delight your guests/patients."

    —From the Foreword by Shirley A. Weis, Former Chief Administrative Officer, Mayo Clinic

    "Fred DeMicco has delivered a medical tourism book that totally satisfies the 3Cs: it is complete, current, and comprehensive. The book has everything you need to know about the subject, it has lots of current examples and data, and it covers each topic very thoroughly. The book is well organized, contains lots of great ‘mini’ case studies, and many thoughtful and useful reflection questions."

    —Dr. Chekitan S. Dev, Professor of marketing and branding, Cornell University’s School of Hotel Administration; author of Hospitality Branding (Cornell University Press, 2012)