Medical Uses of Statistics  book cover
2nd Edition

Medical Uses of Statistics

ISBN 9781138469594
Published September 30, 2020 by CRC Press
478 Pages

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Book Description

This work explains the purpose of statistical methods in medical studies and analyzes the statistical techniques used by clinical investigators, with special emphasis on studies published in "The New England Journal of Medicine". It clarifies fundamental concepts of statistical design and analysis, and facilitates the understanding of research results.

Table of Contents

Preface -- Preface to the First Edition -- Acknowledgments -- Origins of Chapters -- Introduction -- SECTION I -- BROAD CONCEPTS AND ANALYTIC TECHNIQUES -- Chapter 1 -- Statistical Concepts Fundamental to Investigations /Lincoln E. Moses -- Chapter 2 -- Some Uses of Statistical Thinking /John C. Bailar III -- Chapter 3 -- Use of Statistical Analysis in the New England Journal of Medicine /John D. Emerson and Graham A. Colditz -- SECTION II DESIGN -- Chapter 4 -- Designs for Experiments—Parallel Comparisons of Treatment /Philip W. Lavoriy Thomas A. Louis, John C. BailarIIIy and Marcia Polansky -- Chapter 5 -- Crossover and Self-Controlled Designs in Clinical Research /Thomas A. Louis, Philip W. Lavoriy John C. BailarIIIy and Marcia Polansky -- Chapter 6 -- Studies without Internal Controls John C. BailarIIIy /Thomas A. Louis, Philip W. Lavoriy and Marcia Polansky -- Chapter 7 -- The Series of Consecutive Cases as a Device for Assessing Outcomes of Interventions /Lincoln E. Moses -- Chapter 8 -- A Classification for Biomedical Research Reports /John C. Bailar III, Thomas A. Louis, Philip W. Lavori, and Marcia Polansky -- SECTION III ANALYSIS -- Chapter 9 -- Decision Analysis /Stephen G. Pauker and Jerome P. Kassirer -- Chapter 10 -- PValues /James H. Ware, Frederick Mosteller, Fernando Delgado, Christl Donnelly, and Joseph A. Ingelfinger -- Chapter 11 -- Simple Linear Regression in Medical Research /Katherine Godfrey -- Chapter 12 -- Comparing the Means of Several Groups /Katherine Godfrey -- Chapter 13 -- Analyzing Data from Ordered Categories /Lincoln E. Moses, John D. Emerson, and Hossein Hosseini -- Chapter 14 -- Statistical Analysis of Survival Data /Stephen Lagakos -- Chapter 15 -- Contingency Tables in Medical Studies /Daniel Zelterman and Thomas A. Louis -- SECTION IV COMMUNICATING RESULTS -- Chapter 16 -- Guidelines for Statistical Reporting in Articles of Medical Journals /John C. Bailar III and Frederick Mosteller -- Chapter 17 -- Reporting on Methods in Clinical Trials /Rebecca DerSimonian, L. Joseph Charettey Bucknam McPeek, and Frederick Mosteller -- Chapter 18 -- Statistical Consultation in Clinical Research: A Two-Way Street /Lincoln E. Moses and Thomas A. Louis -- Chapter 19 -- The Importance of Beta, the Type II Error, and Sample Size in the Design and Interpretation of the Randomized Controlled Trial: Survey of Two Sets of “Negative” Trials /Jennie A. Freiman, Thomas C. Chalmers, Harry Smith, Jr.y and Roy R. Kuebler -- Chapter 20 -- Writing about Numbers /Frederick Mosteller -- SECTION V REVIEWS AND META-STUDIES -- Chapter 21 -- Medical Technology Assessment /John C. Bailar III and Frederick Mosteller -- Chapter 22 -- Combining Results from Independent Investigations: Meta-Analysis in Clinical Research /Katherine Taylor Halvorsen, Elisabeth Burdick, Graham A. Colditz, Howard S. Frazier, and Frederick Mosteller -- Chapter 23 -- Meta-Analyses of Randomized Control Trials: An Update of the Quality and Methodology /Henry S. Sacks, Jayne Berrier, Dinah Reitman, Daniel Pagano, and Thomas C. Chalmers -- INDEX.

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