340 Pages
    by CRC Press

    This book gives a concise introduction to the chemistry of therapeutically active compounds. Written in a readable style that makes the information easily accessible, the book includes a brief review of drug development spans from the discovery to the final product. With emphasis on the description of their pharmacological effects, the content is organized by drug class. Coverage includes existing drugs, their biological properties, and their quantitative structure-activity relationship. Primarily intended for the students and professionals in the pharmaceutical industry, Medicinal Chemistry assumes little prior knowledge on the subect, making it ideal for classroom and training seminar use.

    Drug Design and Development. Receptors and Drug Action. Enzymes: Catalytic Receptors. Drug Metabolism. Natural Products and Drug Development. Anticoagulants. Cardiovascular Drugs. Antimalarials. Anagesics. Antibiotics. Antibacterials. Anticonculsants. Cancer Chemotherapy. Diuretics. Uricosuric Agents. Drugs for AIDS and Related Disorders. Antiamebic Agents. Anitseptic and Disinfectants. Anthelmintics. Index.


    V. K. Ahluwalia, Mahu Chopra