1st Edition

Medicinal Plants
Promising Future for Health and New Drugs

ISBN 9780815370529
Published April 5, 2018 by CRC Press
382 Pages 112 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

This book highlights the importance of traditional medicines, focuses on the standardization of herbal medicine and evaluates opportunities for advancing drug research. It addresses issues in utilization of medicinal plants and shares the importance of herbs in neutraceutics. It provides most competitive techniques being used in research.

Table of Contents

1 Cabbage: A store house of nutraceuticals

Vandna Pandey, Abhishekh Chura and H.K. Pandey

2 Phytonutrients: A relevance to human helath

Kumar, R, Sulaxana Kumari Chauhan, Vijayalakshmi, S and S.Nadanasabapathi

3 Lukoskin: An effective herbal treatment of leucoderma developed by defence institute of bio-energy research (DRDO), Haldwani

Hemant Kr. Pandey , H. S. Meena

4 Centipede envenomation effects on human beings and scientific research on traditional antivenom agents: Aristolochia and Piper sp.

Dhivya Sivaraj, Revathi Ponnusamy, Rahul Chandran and Thangaraj Parimelazhagan

5 Anti-Diabetic Herbal Formulations: An Effective Therapeutic Approach to Diabetes

Binu Thomas and Chinchu Krishna M.

6 Anti-diabetic activity by the in vitro α-Amylase and α-Glucosidase inhibitory action of Indian Ayurvedic medicinal plant Ficus amplissima Smith

Arunachalam K., Sreeja P.S and Parimelazhagan T.

7 Anti-obese potential of Indian traditional medicinal plants and their phytochemicals

Vadivel, V., Venkatalakshmi, P., and Brindha, P.

8 Promise of medicinal plants for neurodegenerative disease: Alzheimer’s a review

Kalidass Subramanaiam

9 Plant Sources as Potential Therapeutics for Alzheimer's disease

Azhwar Raghunath, Kiruthika Sundarraj, Vishnu Vignesh Kanagaraj, Ekambaram Perumal

10 Schefflera genus (Araliaceae): A review of its botanical description, ethnobotanical use, phytochemistry, pharmacology and toxicology

Sreeja P.S., Arunachalam K. and Parimelazhagan T.

11 Selective Chinese viviparous ferns, their bioactive principles and economical values: a review

Baskaran Xavier ravi1,3*, Antony varuvel Geo vigila2, Wenbo Liao1 & Zhang Shouzhou3

12 Prospects of local flora of trans-Himalayan region of Ladakh for various medicinal uses

Gyan P. Mishra, Tsering Stobdan, Parimelazhagan Thangaraj, Tania Seth and B. Singh

13 Phytochemistry of Muntingia calabura fruits


14 Pharmacognostical and Phytochemical investigation on Pterolobium hexapetalum (Roth.) Sant.& Wagh.

Saikumar Sathyanarayanan, Rahul Chandran, Murugan Rajan and Parimelazhagan Thangaraj.

15 Anti-fungal and Antimycotoxigenic Properties of Pogostemon mollis Benth. Against Fusarium graminearum

Kasipandi Muniyandi, Elizabeth George and Parimelazhagan Thangaraj.

16 In vitro biomass accumulation and different biological activities of Leucus aspera (Willd.).

Masilamani Sri Devi, Krishnamoorthy Vinothini, Blassan P. George, Sudharshan Sekar, Arjun Pandian, Heidi Abrahamse

17 Antioxidant potentials of Cup Saucer plant - Breynia retusa (Dennst.) Alston

Jaganathan Prabu, Rajan Murugan, Sathyanarayanan Saikumar, Murugaiyan Iniyavan, Geetha Sree Subburaj Jeyalakshmi and Thangaraj Parimelazhagan.

18 The promising anti-radical potential of Castanospermum australe A. Cunn. & C. Fraser ex Hook.

Sajeesh Thankarajan, Rahul Chandran and Thangaraj Parimelazhagan.

19 In vitro plant regeneration, comparative biochemical and antioxidant potential of calli and seeds of sesbania grandiflora (l.) Poiret

Krishnamoorthy Vinothini, Masilamani Sri Devi, Sudharshan Sekar, Blassan P. George, Pandian Arjun, Vuyo Mavumengwana, Heidi Abrahamse


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