1st Edition

Medieval Minds Mental Health in the Middle Ages

By Thomas F. Graham Copyright 1967
    122 Pages
    by Routledge

    122 Pages
    by Routledge

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    Originally published in 1967 Medieval Minds looks at the Middle Ages as a period with changing attitudes towards mental health and its treatment. The book argues that it was a period that that bridged the ancient with the modern, ignorance with knowledge and superstition with science. The Middle Ages spanned almost a millennium in the history of the humanities and provided the people of this period with the benefit of this knowledge. The book looks at the promise and progress which was reflected by thinkers such as Augustin and Aurelianus, Alexander of Tralles and Paul of Aegina. The book also looks at martyrs like Valentine and Dympna, and the patrons of those afflicted with illnesses such as epilepsy and insanity. Written by the psychologist Thomas Francis Graham, this book provides a distinct and unique insight into the mind of those living in the medieval period and will be of interest to academics of history and literature alike.





    1. Montanus to Dympna

    1.1. Mind of Mystics

    1.2. Augustine of Hippo

    1.3. Mental Therapists

    1.4. Saints and Sanity

    2. Mohammed to Averroes

    2.1. Mind of Mohammed

    2.2. Arabian Alienists

    2.3. Rhazes and Avicenna

    2.4. Candle from Cordova

    3. Abelard to Aquinas

    3.1. Peter Abelard

    3.2. Bartholomew

    3.3. Bedlam Beggars

    3.4. Roger Bacon

    3.5. Thomas Aquinas

    4. Kramer to Luther

    4.1. Hammer of Witches

    4.2. Birth of a Reformer

    4.3. Analysis of Luther

    5. Agrippa to Bodin

    5.1. Heinrich Aggripa

    5.2. Philippus Paracelsus

    5.3. Johann Weyer

    5.4. Francois Rabelais

    5.5. The Witchmongers

    Index of Names

    Index of Subjects


    Thomas F. Graham