1st Edition

Medieval Music

By John Caldwell Copyright 1978
    312 Pages
    by Routledge

    312 Pages
    by Routledge

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    Originally published in 1978, Medieval Music explores the fascinating development of medieval western music from its often obscure origins in the Jewish synagogue and early Church, to the mid-fifteenth century. The book is intended as a straightforward survey of medieval music and emphases the technical aspects such as form, style and notation. It is illustrated by nearly one hundred musical examples, the majority of which have been transcribed from original sources and many of which contains chapters on Latin chant and other forms of sacred monophony, secular song, early polyphony, the ars antiqua, French and Italian fourteenth-century music, English music, and fifteenth-century music. Each chapter is followed by a classified bibliography divided into musical sources, literary sources and modern studies; in addition to a comprehensive bibliography.

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    1. The Chant of the Latin Liturgies to c. 950 

    2. Later Latin Chant and Derivative Forms

    3. Profane and Vernacular Monophonic Song

    4. The Growth of Polyphony, 900-1160

    5. The ars antiqua

    6. French Music in the Fourteenth Century

    7. Italian Music in the Fourteenth Century

    8. English Music from the Norman Conquest to the Death of Dunstable

    9. The Fifteenth Century, Especially in France and the Low Countries




    Caldwell, John