1st Edition

Medieval Scholarship Biographical Studies on the Formation of a Discipline: History

Edited By Helen Damico, Joseph B. Zavadil Copyright 1995

    Surveying the development of medieval scholarship through biography, this volume contains 23 original essays on scholars whose work shaped medieval historiography for the past 300 years. Their subject was Europe between 500 and 1500, and they labored to define that protean and multinational culture. Each of them pioneered or revolutionized traditional views on fields such as diplomatics (Mabillon); economic, social, and constitutional history (Power, Pirenne, Bloch, Stubbs, Waitz, Whitelock, Maitland); manuscript and archival studies (Delisle, Muratori); Jewish history and the history of Islam and Byzantium (von Grunebaum, Ostrogorsky); symbology and intellectual history (Kantorowicz, Schramm, Smalley); general and cultural history (Gibbon, Adams, Haskins, S nchez-Albornoz); and ecclesiastical history (Bolland, Lea) and the history of magic and science (Thorndike). Some of the scholars pioneered comparative and interdisciplinary studies; all published work that is still essential to our understanding of the past and, more important, the present.

    Introduction to Volume 1, Giles Constable * Jean Bolland (1596-1665) and the Early Bollandists, Donald Sullivan * Jean Mabillon (1632-1707), Rutherford Aris * Lodovico Antonio Muratori (1672-1750), Susan Nicassio * Edward Gibbon (1737-1794), Patricia Craddock * Georg Waitz (1813-1886), Robert L. Benson and Loren J. Weber * William Stubbs (1825-1901), James Campbell * Henry Charles Lea (1825-1909), Edward Peters * L opold Delisle (1826-1910), David Bates * Henry Adams (1838-1918), Karl F. Morrison * Frederic William Maitland (1850-1906), Robert Brentano * Henri Pirenne (1862-1935), Bryce Lyon * Charles Homer Haskins (1870-1937), Sally Vaughn * Lynn Thorndike (1882-1965), Michael H. Shank * Marc Bloch (1886-1944), Carole Fink * Eileen Power (1889-1940), Ellen Jacobs * Claudio S nchez-Albornoz y Mendui-a (1893-1984), James F. Powers * Percy Ernst Schramm (1894-1970), J nos Bak * Ernst H. Kantorowicz (1895-1963), Robert E. Lerner * Salo Wittmayer Baron (1895-1989), Norman Roth * Dorothy Whitelock (1901-1982), Henry Loyn * George Ostrogorsky (1902-1976), Barissa Krekic * Beryl Smalley (1905-1984), Henrietta Leyser * Gustave E. von Grunebaum (1909-1972), Franz Rosenthal * Index


    Helen Damico, Joseph B. Zavadil

    "Extremely valuable." -- Parergon
    "Providing easily accessible biographical information...Very solidly done." -- Speculum