Medieval Teachers of Freedom : Boethius, Peter Lombard and Aquinas on Creation from Nothing book cover
1st Edition

Medieval Teachers of Freedom
Boethius, Peter Lombard and Aquinas on Creation from Nothing

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May 10, 2023 Forthcoming by Routledge
160 Pages

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Book Description

Medieval debates over "divine creation" are systematically obscured in our age by the conflict between "Intelligent Design" Creationists and Evolutionists. The present investigation cuts through the web of contemporary conflicts to examine problems seated at the heart of medieval talk about creation. From three representative authors we learn that the doctrine of divine creation is supposed to invite understanding of the relation between artistic freedom and natural necessity, of the very essence of causality, and thereby of the nexus between experience (our world of empirical determinations) and reality (the absolute indetermination of eternal being). Most importantly, medieval scholarship shows us that the problems it addresses are originally inherent in the understanding itself, whereby the question of being emerges as inseparable from the question of interpretation.

Table of Contents

Prefatory Remarks: The "Poetic Telos" of the Present Study


  1. "Poetic Reason" as Key to Reading Medieval Authors
  2. Theology or Philosophy? A False Dilemma
  3. A Universe from Nothing beyond Theology?
  4. Medieval Scholarship as Guide in Interpretation?
  5. Aristotle or Plato? Another false dilemma
  6. Introduction to the problem of Context
  7. Medieval Platonism Beyond Intellectual History
  8. Medieval Platonism
  9. Medieval Platonic Hermeneutics
  10. The Problem of Creation
  11. Creation from Nothing?
  12. Divine Creation as Key to Freedom
  13. What is Freedom?
  14. Emanationism vs. Voluntarism
  15. Creation and the Problem of Omnipotence
  16. Logos as Key to Creation
  17. The Essence of Human Freedom: Creation "from Nothing" as Divine Intellective Emanation
  18. Eternity and Dialogue
  19. Medieval Teachers of Freedom
  20. The Philosophical Heart of Medieval Scholarship
  21. The Problem of Voluntarism
  22. From Intelligent Design Back to Platonism
  23. Being and Nothingness
  24. Evil
  25. Creation and Platonic Ideas



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Marco Antonio Andreacchio was awarded a doctorate from the University of IIllinois for his interpretation of Sino-Japanese philosophical classics in dialogue with Western counterparts and a doctorate from Cambridge University for his work on Dante’s Platonic interpretation of religious authority. Andreacchio has taught at various higher education institutions and published systematically on problems of a political-philosophical nature.