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    Complete with introductions, full commentary, glossary, and a guide to further reading, Medieval Worlds is a comprehensive sourcebook for the study of Western Europe from the fifth to the fifteenth century.

    Drawing on a wide range of documents, from chronicles, legal, state, and church documents, to biographies, poems, and letters from all over Europe, the authors expertly illustrate to the reader the unity – and complexity – of the medieval world.

    Amongst many more, central issues discussed include:

    • the diverse world of monasteries
    • the Papacy
    • the Crusades
    • women
    • the roles of the town and countryside.

    Medieval Worlds presents the reader with a view of the medieval era as it was: one of immense diversity with openness to new ideas, and outreach in areas from technology to natural philosophy.

    1. Introduction to Medieval Worlds  2. The Monastic World  3. The World of the Papacy  4. The World of the Crusades  5. The World of the Feudal Kingdoms  6. The English Political World  7. The World of the Outsider  8. The World of the Women  9. The World of the Mind  10. The World of the Countryside  11. The World of the Town  12. The Medieval World Self-Observed


    Roberta Anderson is a Lecturer in Medieval and Early Modern History at Bath Spa University College and has published numerous papers on medieval and early modern history. She is a member of the Institute for Learning and Teaching.

    Dominic Aidan Bellenger is Prior of Downside Abbey in Somerset and has lectured on medieval history at several British universities. He is a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries and the Royal Historical Society. He is the author of several historical studies.

    'The greatest benefit is the breadth that Medieval Worlds presents, accurately reflecting the pluralism of the title.' - Times Higher Education Supplement