Memorial Articles for 20th Century American Accounting Leaders  book cover
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Memorial Articles for 20th Century American Accounting Leaders

ISBN 9781138617957
Published June 8, 2018 by Routledge
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Book Description

This collection of memorial articles and selected obituaries highlights the careers and contributions to accounting practice, the accounting profession, and the accounting literature of leading American figures in the 20th century. The memorial articles do much more than recite their subject’s career. More importantly, they discuss and assess their subject’s role in influencing the course of accounting practice and the profession as well as the evolution of their influential writings, revealing the names of the accounting leaders and leading thinkers of the past century.

Memorial Articles for 20th Century American Accounting Leaders is useful in providing students and young researchers with a rich source of intelligence on the leaders who have established norms of practice, advanced the profession, and set the terms of debate in the literature – leaders who are cited and even quoted but who are known mostly as names without a full-bodied treatment of their backgrounds and broader roles in shaping the accounting literature.

Table of Contents

Introduction by Stephen A. Zeff

Robert N. Anthony

Jacob G. Birnberg, "Robert N. Anthony: A Pioneer Thinker in Management Accounting," Accounting Horizons, September 2011, pp. 593-602.

Andrew Barr

Gary John Previts and Dale L. Flesher, "Retrospective: Andrew Barr: Longest Serving SEC Chief Accountant," The Accounting Historians Journal, June 1996, pp. 117-25.

Philip W. Bell

Kenneth Peasnell and Geoffrey Whittington, "The Contribution of Philip W. Bell to Accounting Thought," Accounting Horizons, September 2010, pp. 509-18.

Carman G. Blough

Maurice Moonitz, "Memorial: Carman George Blough 1895-1981," The Accounting Review, January 1982, pp. 147-60.

Thomas J. Burns

Dan Jensen, "Thomas J. Burns 1923-1996," The Accounting Historians Notebook, Spring 1996, pp. 7-8.

John C. Burton

Robert J. Sack, "John C. Burton: A Grain of Sand in the Oyster 1932-2010," Accounting Horizons, March 2012, pp. 147-59.

John B. Canning

Stephen A. Zeff, "John B. Canning: A View of His Academic Career," Abacus, February 2000, pp. 4-39.

John L. Carey

Abdel M. Agami, "John Carey 1904-1987," in Abdel M. Agami (editor), Biographies of Notable Accountants, second edition (Random House, 1989), pp. 10-12.

William W. Cooper

Rajiv D. Banker and Robert S. Kaplan, "William W. Cooper: Innovator, Fighter, and Scholar," Accounting Horizons, March 2014, pp. 193-203.

Sir Arthur Lowes Dickinson

Mary E. Murphy, "Arthur Lowes Dickinson: Pioneer in American Professional Accountancy," Bulletin of the Business Historical Society, April 1, 1947, pp. 27-38.

S. Paul Garner

Gary John Previts and William D. Samson, "S. Paul Garner: Accountancy’s Ambassador to the World," The Accounting Historians Journal, December 1997, pp. 153-69.

Paul F. Grady

Gary John Previts, "Remembering Paul F. Grady, Accountancy’s Statesman (1900-84)," The Journal of Accountancy, February 1986, pp. 114, 116, 118.

Wesley T. Andrews, Jr., "Retrospective: Paul Franklin Grady," The Accounting Historians Journal, June 1995, pp. 149-58.

Charles Waldo Haskins

Gary J. Previts, Dale L. Flesher and Tonya K. Flesher, "Charles Waldo Haskins: The CPA Profession’s First Statesman," The CPA Journal, May 1997, pp. 46-67.

Henry Rand Hatfield

Patti A. Mills, "Henry Rand Hatfield (1866-1945): ‘Life and Humour in the Dust of Ledgers’," Chapter 16 in John Richard Edwards (editor), Twentieth-Century Accounting Thinkers (Routledge, 1994), pp. 293-308.

Charles T. Horngren

William H. Beaver and Mark A. Wolfson, "Charles T. Horngren: Mentor, Role Model, Colleague, and Friend," Accounting Horizons, June 2013, pp. 433-42.

Eric L. Kohler

Robert K. Mautz and Gary John Previts, "Eric Kohler: An Accounting Original," The Accounting Review, April 1977, pp. 300-07.

A. C. Littleton

Norton M. Bedford and Richard E. Ziegler, "The Contributions of A. C. Littleton to Accounting Thought and Practice," The Accounting Review, July 1975, pp. 434-43.

Kenneth MacNeal

Stephen A. Zeff, "Truth in Accounting: The Ordeal of Kenneth MacNeal," The Accounting Review, July 1982, pp. 528-553.

George O. May

"George O. May," Editorial, The Journal of Accountancy, July 1961, pp. 29-30.

John B. Inglis, "George Oliver May – 1875-1961," The Price Waterhouse Review, Summer 1961, pp. 9-11.

William A. Paton, "Recalling George Oliver May and Me," The Accounting Historians Journal, Fall 1981, pp. 91-95.

Henry Francis Stabler, "George Oliver May 1875-1961," in Abdel M. Agami (editor), Biographies of Notable Accountants, second edition (Random House, 1989), pp. 21-23.

Robert H. Montgomery

The Committee on History, "Robert H. Montgomery," The New York Certified Public Accountant, February 1959, pp. 114-18; reprinted in Julia Grant, The New York State Society of Certified Public Accountants: Foundation for a Profession (Garland Publishing, Inc., 1995), pp. 193-99.

Alfred R. Roberts, "Robert H. Montgomery 1872-1953," in Horace R. Givens (editor), Biographies of Notable Accountants (Random House, 1987), pp. 29-31.

Maurice Moonitz

George J. Staubus, "Maurice Moonitz: The Consummate Professional," Accounting Horizons, December 2010, pp. 703-12.

Mary E. Murphy

Andrew D. Sharp and Dale L. Flesher, "Mary Elizabeth Murphy’s Contributions to the Development of International Accounting," The CPA Journal, March 2011, pp. 6, 8, 9.

J. Lee Nicholson

Leonard W. Hein, "J. Lee Nicholson: Pioneer Cost Accountant," The Accounting Review, January 1959, pp. 106-11.

William A. Paton

Herbert F. Taggart, Norton M. Bedford, R. J. Chambers, Sidney Davidson, Carl Thomas Devine, Thomas R. Dyckman, Yuji Ijiri, Thomas F. Keller, and Robert G. Nichols, "A Tribute to William A. Paton," The Accounting Review, January 1992, pp. 1-16.

DR Scott

L. J. Benninger, "Accounting Related to Social Institutions – The Theoretical Writings of D. R. Scott," Accounting Research, January 1958, pp. 17-30.

Gordon Shillinglaw

Geoffrey H. Burrows, "Gordon Shillinglaw: Economist, Consultant, and Management Accounting Scholar," Accounting Horizons, September 2013, pp. 647-58.

David Solomons

Stephen A. Zeff,"David Solomons (1912-1995) – An Appreciation," Accounting and Business Research, Autumn 1995, pp. 315-19.

Leonard Spacek

Maureen Berry, "Leonard Paul Spacek 1907-[2000]," in Abdel M. Agami (editor), Biographies of Notable Accountants, second edition (Random House, 1989), pp. 37-40.

Charles Ezra Sprague

O. Finley Graves, "Charles Ezra Sprague 1842-1912," in Abdel M. Agami (editor), Biographies of Notable Accountants, second edition (Random House, 1989), pp. 41-44.

Robert T. Sprouse

Robert J. Swieringa, "Robert T. Sprouse and Fundamental Concepts of Financial Accounting," Accounting Horizons, March 2011, pp. 207-20.

Robert R. Sterling

Thomas A. Lee and Peter W. Wolnizer, "An Intellectual Memorial to Robert Raymond Sterling: Accounting Reformer," Accounting Horizons, March 2012, pp. 135-46.

Henry W. Sweeney

Walker E. Fesmire, "Henry Sweeney 1898-1967," in Abdel M. Agami (editor), Biographies of Notable Accountants, second edition (Random House, 1989), pp. 48-51.

Lawrence L. Vance

Wayne S. Boutell, "Memorial: Lawrence Lee Vance 1911-1978," The Accounting Review, April 1979, pp. 434-438.

William J. Vatter

"William J. Vatter: Notable Contributor to Management Accounting," Journal of Management Accounting Research, 1991, pp. 233-35.

Maurice Moonitz, "Memorial: William Joseph Vatter (1905-1990)," The Accounting Review, October 1991, pp. 862-65.

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Stephen A. Zeff is a Professor of Accounting and the Keith Anderson Professorship in Business at the Jesse H. Jones Graduate School of Business, Rice University, USA.