1st Edition

Memory Consolidation Psychobiology of Cognition

Edited By H. Weingartner, E. S. Parker Copyright 1984
    284 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    First published in 1984. This volume was organized for students of human memory and related cognitive processes. The issues deal not only with memory in unimpaired individuals, but also with impaired patients and with consolidation in lower animals. The chapters in this volume demonstrate that consolidation is a flourishing and controversial concept in memory research today. More than ten years after the seminal book of M cGaugh and Herz, questions about consolidation are re-examined in light of current models of human memory, its pathology, and its modulation by drugs.

    1. Memory Consolidation: A Cognitive Perspective 2. Cognitive-Affective Integration: Some Recent Trends From a Neurobiological Perspective 3. Endogenous Processes in Memory Consolidation 4. The Physiology and Semantics of Consolidation 5. Consolidation as a Function of Retrieval 6. Consolidation and Forgetting Theory 7. Departures from Reality in Human Perception and Memory 8. The Medial Temporal Region and Memory Consolidation: A New Hypothesis 9. Implications of Different Patterns of Remote Memory Loss for the Concept of Consolidation 10. Retrograde Facilitation of Human Memory by Drugs


    Edited by Herbert Weingartner, National Institute of Mental Health, Elizabeth S. Parker National Institute on A lcohol Abuse and Alcoholism.