1st Edition

Memory, Mobility, and Material Culture

Edited By Chiara Giuliani, Kate Hodgson Copyright 2023
    258 Pages 15 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    With a focus on the object and where it is situated, in time (memory) and space (mobility), Memory, Mobility, and Material Culture embodies a multidisciplinary and cross-disciplinary approach.

    The chapters track the movement of the objects and their owner(s), within and between continents, countries, cities, and families. Objects have always been considered with an eye to their worth – economic, aesthetic, and/or functional. If that worth is diminished, their meaning and value disappear, they are just things. Yet things can still fulfil functions in our daily lives; they hold symbolic potential, from personal memory triggers, to focal points of public ritual and religion; from collectors’ obsession, to symbols of loss, displacement, and violence. By bringing into dialogue the work of specialists in ethnology, art history, architecture, and design; literature, languages, cultures, and heritage studies, this volume considers how displaced memory – the memory of refugees, migrants, and their descendants; of those who have moved from the countryside to the city; of those who have faced personal upheaval and profound social change; those who have been forced into exile or experienced major personal or collective loss – can become embodied in material culture.

    This book is important reading to those interested in cultural and social history and cultural studies.


    Chiara Giuliani and Kate Hodgson


    Part I: Moving Testimonies

    1. Valijas militantes: Activist Suitcases and Memories of Exile across the Spanish Speaking World
    2. Cara Levey

    3. Migrating Things, Multimodal Forms: 21st-century Graphic Literature and the Mapping of Global Mobilities Through Objects
    4. Kate Hodgson

    5. Why is a Museum a Place to Rest in Peace? Relicarios by Colombian Artist Erika Diettes
    6. Johanna Carvajal González

      Part II: Moving Homes

    7. Rhinos, Photographs and Earrings: Migrating Objects, Memories and Absences in Ali Farah’s Madre piccola (2007) and Scego’s La mia casa è dove sono (2010)
    8. Chiara Giuliani

    9. Memories of Material Home: Refugee Women’s Depiction of Absent Objects
    10. Mastoureh Fathi

    11. Communicative Memory and Diaspora Space: ‘…offering my prayers for all the exiled members of my family’
    12. Siobhán Browne and Clíona O’Carroll

      Part III: Moving Designs

    13. Material Making, Maritime Movements, Manipulated Memory: Hugo’s Design on Guernsey
    14. Erik Anspach

    15. The Social Role of Jewellery in Italian Short Stories. The Case of Contessa Lara and Marchesa Colombi
    16. Ombretta Frau

    17. Learning from Rural Objects in 1970s Italy: Radical Design, Zeno Fiaschi’s Tools and the Renewal of Design Practice
    18. Elisabetta Rattalino

      Part IV: Moving Histories

    19. The Smells and Tastes of Memory: Accessing Transnational Pasts through Material Culture
    20. Emma Bond and Mona Bozdog

    21. Press Clipping and Puppet Making as Transcultural Material Practices in the Cuban Magazine Ultra (1936-1947)
    22. Antonia Viu and Pedro E. Moscoso-Flores

    23. Ill-apparent: Things in the Wake of the Arandora Star

    Derek Duncan


    Chiara Giuliani is a lecturer in Italian at University College Cork (Ireland).

    Kate Hodgson is a lecturer in French at University College Cork (Ireland).