1st Edition

Memory Neuropsychological, Imaging and Psychopharmacological Perspectives

By Gérard Emilien, Cécile Durlach Copyright 2004
    400 Pages
    by Routledge

    422 Pages
    by Routledge

    Memory: Neuropsychological, Imaging and Psychopharmacological Perspectives reviews critically the impact of recent neuropsychological and biological discoveries on our understanding of human memory and its pathology. Too often, insights from clinical, neurological and psychopharmacological fields have remained isolated and mutually unintelligible. Therefore the first part of this book provides both clinicians and neuroscientists with a broad view of the neuropsychology of memory, and the psychobiological processes it involves, including recent advances from imaging technology and psychopharmacology research. In the second part the authors go on to cover a comprehensive range of memory assessments, dysfunctions, impairments and treatments. This compendium of current research findings will prove an invaluable resource for anyone studying, researching or practising in the field of memory and its disorders.

    Introduction. Part 1: Neuropsychology and Pharmacology of Memory. What is Memory? Neuropsychological Assessment of Memory. Neurological Assessment of Memory. Physiological and Pharmacological Assessment of Memory. Drug-Induced Memory Alteration. Part 2: Pathology of Memory. Memory Dysfunctions. Age and Memory Impairment. Memory Dysfunctions in Neurodegenerative Diseases. Memory Dysfunctions in Neurogenic Communication Disorders. Memory Dysfunctions in Psychiatric Diseases. Treatments. Discussion and Conclusion.


    Dr Gérard Emilien is a clinical neuropsychologist and psychopharmacologist. He has a great deal of experience in academia and pharmaceutical industries in the pathology of neuropsychiatric diseases and their treatment. 

    'This excellent book provides an up-to-date survey of research on memory from the perspectives of neurology, pharmacology, psychiatry, cognitive psychology and neuropsychology. It can be strongly recommended as a guide to current ideas, findings and methods in basic science and its clinical applications.' - Fergus Craik, Rotman Research Institute, Toronto

    'This book brings together the findings of memory research in psychology, clinical neuropsychology, clinical neurology and psychopharmacology. Integrating the different approaches very well indeed, it is a thorough and up-to-date reference work for researchers, practitioners and students training in psychological, physiological or medical research.' - John Richardson, Institute of Educational Technology, The Open University