1st Edition

Memory and Mind
A Festschrift for Gordon H. Bower

ISBN 9781138004290
Published November 10, 2014 by Psychology Press
412 Pages

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Book Description

A comprehensive overview of the current state of research on memory and mind, this book captures the career and influence of Gordon H. Bower (as told by 22 of his students and colleagues), showing how Bower's research and mentoring of students has broadly and deeply affected modern research. In addition to many personal reminisces about Bower's research and graduate training in the 1950s through 1990s, this book illustrates how Bower's early research and ideas lay the groundwork for much of modern psychological studies of memory, expertise, psychological assessment, and mental imagery.

Table of Contents

Contents: Preface. W.K. Estes, Gordon H. Bower: His Life and Times. D.L. Hintzman, Memory From the Outside, Memory From the Inside. E. Tulving, On the Law of Primacy. E.F. Loftus, Gordon and Me. A. Lesgold, Towards Valued Human Expertise. J.R. Anderson, The Algebraic Brain. S.M. Kosslyn, Remembering Images. B. Tversky, Sharing Landmarks and Paths. A.L. Glass, A. Lian, Evidence of All-or-None Learning From a Repetition Detection Task. K.J. Holyoak, Relations in Semantic Memory: Still Puzzling After All These Years. R.J. Sternberg, Using Cognitive Theory to Reconceptualize College Admissions Testing. D.A. Rosenbaum, Moving Cognition. J.B. Black, Imaginary Worlds. L.W. Barsalou, Continuing Themes in the Study of Human Knowledge: Associations, Imagery, Propositions, and Situations. B.H. Ross, Category Learning: Learning to Access and Use Relevant Knowledge. E. Eich, Mood and Memory at 25: Revisiting the Idea of Mood Mediation in Drug-Dependent and Place-Dependent Memory. J.P. Forgas, Affect, Cognition, and Social Behavior: The Effects of Mood on Memory, Social Judgments, and Social Interaction. M.A. Gluck, Behavioral and Neural Correlates of Error-Correction in Classical Conditioning and Human Category Learning. J.P. Clapper, Category Learning as Schema Induction. E. Heit, N. Brockdorff, K. Lamberts, Categorization, Recognition, and Unsupervised Learning. C. Walsh, S. Sloman, Updating Beliefs With Causal Models: Violations of Screening Off. M. Rinck, Spatial Situation Models and Narrative Comprehension.

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