544 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    Published in the year 1984, Memory and the Brain is a valuable contribution to the field of Neuropsychology.

    I Psychological Aspects; 1: Perception; 2: Attention; 3: Reinforcement, Reward: Appraisal and Affective Memory; 4: Types of Modality-Specific Memory: Sensory, Motor, Conceptual; 5: Memory Registration, Retention, Recall; 6: Imagination and Recall; 7: Recognition; 8: Memory Models; 9: A Psychological Theory of Cognition and Memory; Ii Neurophysiological Correlates; 10: Localization of Psychological Functions; 11: Cortical Areas Mediating Sense Experience: Sensory Areas and Appraisal Areas; 12: Cortical Memory Registration: Sensory Memory and Affective Memory; 13: Cortical Areas Mediating Movement: Motor Areas and the Initiation of Action; 14: Motor Memory Registration; 15: Motor Memory Deficits After Frontal Lesions; 16: Memory Retrieval; 17: The Neural Substrate of Attention and the Medial Appraisal System; 18: Damage to the Appraisal System and the Affective Memory Circuit; 19: Hemisphere Functions and Memory Impairment; 20: The Hippocampus: Relay Station of Memory and Action Circuits; 21: Hippocampal Damage and Memory; 22: The Hippocampal Projection; 23: The Amygdala: Relay Station in the Imagination Circuit; 24: Neurotransmitters in the Brain; 25: Neurotransmitters, the Reward System and Psychiatric Illness; 26: The Action Circuit: Ascending and Descending Links; Activation-Depression; 27: The Action Circuit: Through the Hypothalamus; 28: The Action Circuit and Motor Memory Circuit: From Midbrain to Frontal Lobe


    Magda B. Arnold

    "Arnold's latest book represents an extraordinarily ambitious attempt to develop a comprehensive neuropsychological theory of brain function....no major psychological function is not considered to some extent in this volume, giving it a breadth that is unrivaled in contemporary accounts....a stimulating and interesting book."
    American Scientist