1st Edition

Memory for Proper Names A Special Issue of Memory

Edited By Gillian Cohen, Cohen Copyright 1994
    ISBN 9781138877306
    244 Pages
    Published June 23, 2015 by Psychology Press

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    ISBN 9780863779183
    244 Pages
    Published January 1, 1994 by Psychology Press

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    A growing body of research suggests that there is a specific cognitive deficit in the retrieval of proper names as compared with the retrieval of object names and other words. This special issue brings together studies that analyse the nature of retrieval failure for proper names and evaluate whether a common memory system can adequately account for the representation and retrieval of both proper and common names. The contributions reflect experimental, ecological, developmental, neuropsychological and computational approaches.

    A.M. Burton, V. Bruce, Naming Faces and Naming Names: Exploring an Interactive Activation Model of Person Recognition. L. Cipolotti, J. McNeil, E.K. Warrington, Spared Written Naming of Proper Nouns: A Case Report. M. Craigie, J.R. Hanley, Access to Visual Information from a Name is Contingent on Access to Identity Specific Semantic Information. C. Semenza, T.M. Sgaramella, Production of Proper Names: A Clinical Case Study of the Effects of Phonemic Cueing. E.K. Warrington, F. Clegg, Selective Preservation of Place Names in an Aphasic Patient: A Short Report. T. Valentine, V. Moore, B. Flude, A. Young, A. Ellis, Repetition Priming and Proper Name Processing: Do Common Nouns and Proper Names Prime Each Other? T. Brennen, The Difficulty with Recalling People's Names: The Plausible Phonology Hypothesis. S. Bredart, Retrieval Failures in Face Naming. H. Goodglass, A Wingfield, Selective Preservation of a Lexical Category in Aphasia: Dissociation in Comprehension of Body Parts and Geographical Place Names Following Focal Brain Lesion. M. La Palma Reyes, J. Macnamara, G. Reyes, H. Zolfaghari, Proper Names and How They are Learned. J. Brooks, L. Friedman, J. Gibson, J. Yesevage, Spontaneous Mnemonic Strategies Used by Older and Younger Adults to Remember Proper Names.

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