1st Edition

Men, Masculinities and Honour-Based Abuse

Edited By Mohammad Idriss Copyright 2020
    232 Pages 2 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    230 Pages 2 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This book explores the largely neglected relationship between men, masculinities and honour-based abuse (HBA). There is a common misconception that HBA – whether physical violence, emotional abuse or so-called ‘honour’ killings – occurs only against women.

    This book addresses the gap in the current literature concerning the relationship between men, masculinities and HBA. With contributions from an international and interdisciplinary range of both academics and professionals, the book examines HBA and forced marriages specifically from male-victim perspectives, both in the UK and internationally. Providing a clear understanding of the main theoretical and sociological explanations of HBA against male victims, the book demonstrates that, although men are indeed the main perpetrators of HBA, state agencies must address the fact that many men are also victims.

    This book is essential reading for students, academics, and practitioners alike.


    Clive Driscoll

    1. The ‘Forgotten’ Voices: Men, Masculinities and ‘Honour’-Based Abuse – An Introduction
    2. Mohammad Mazher Idriss

    3. ‘Seeing the Unseen’: Male Victims of Forced Marriages
    4. Ayurshi Dutt

    5. Male Victims of Honour-Based Violence and Abuse in England: Who Does What to Whom – and Why?
    6. Lis Bates

    7. Men’s Experiences of Forced Marriage: Ain’t I a Man?
    8. Khatidja Chantler

    9. Forced Marriage of Men with Learning Disabilities: Risks, Reasons and Responses
    10. Rachael Clawson

    11. Homophobic ‘Honour’ Abuse Experienced by South Asian Gay men in England
    12. Roxanne Khan and Michelle Lowe

    13. Honour beliefs and identity among British South Asian gay men
    14. Rusi Jaspal

    15. ‘You Must Keep Your ‘Honour’, a Man Without ‘Honour’ is No Man at All’ – ‘Honour, Masculinity and Violence in Afghanistan
    16. Sayed Mahdi Mosawi

    17. The So-Called ‘Honour’ Killings of Men by Men in Turkey
    18. Bingul Durbas

    19. A Day in the Life of a Police Officer Working with Male Victims of HBA and Forced Marriages – Some Reflections
    20. Mindy Mahil

    21. The Elm Foundation – The Transition from a ‘Women’s-Only’ to a ‘Gender-Neutral’ Domestic Abuse Organisation
      Mohammad Mazher Idriss and Jennifer Calverley


    Dr. Mohammad Mazher Idriss is Senior Lecturer in Law at Manchester Metropolitan University.