1st Edition

Men Who Batter Women

By Adam Edward Jukes Copyright 1999

    Men who Batter Women presents a unique psycho-analytic perspective on clinical studies of the roots of male violence towards women.
    Most published work concentrates on the experiences of the female victims of domestic violence. This book is unusual in that it focuses on the male perpetrators. Adam Edward Jukes considers both feminist approaches to male violence and those perspectives that treat such violent behaviour as pathological. The author suggests the practical implications of his research for clinical treatment and explores how effectively psychotherapy can be used to treat men who batter women.

    Preface -- Acknowledgements -- 1 Introduction -- 2 The problem outlined -- 3 Aggression and violence -- 4 Special problems in the treatment of abusers -- 5 Isolating the violence -- 6 The bubble -- 7 A social psychology of male violence, helplessness, vulnerability and sexuality -- 8 Working with men who are helpless, vulnerable and violent -- 9 Groupwork -- 10 Conclusions -- Appendix 1: Violent, abusive and controlling behaviour checklist -- Appendix 2: Basic group contract -- Appendix 3: The daily diary -- Appendix 4: The Time Out -- Appendix 5: Information fo r partnerslwives of violent!abusive men -- Bibliography -- Index.


    Adam Edward Jukes is a psychotherapist and group psychoanalyst in private practise in London.