1st Edition

Men's Changing Roles in the Family

By Robert A Lewis, Marvin B Sussman Copyright 1986
    294 Pages
    by Routledge

    294 Pages
    by Routledge

    How are men reacting to, perceiving, and behaving in light of the changes in gender roles. Here is an important volume that provides new and interesting reading about contemporary husbands and fathers.

    Men’s Changing Roles in the Family, offers an overview of the causes and consequences of changes in men’s family roles in recent decades. Experts introduce you to the issues, problems, and methods on the cutting edge of those disciplines that study men in the context of their families. Until now relatively little has been known empirically about men in contemporary families, and even less has been known about husbands and fathers from direct reports of the men themselves. This groundbreaking volume successfully closes this gap in the literature with an examination of the effects that fathers’growing involvement with their children have on their wives and themselves; a clinical assessment of some men’s angry reactions to separation and divorce and those special therapeutic goals and strategies that may help reduce their distress; examinations of the conflicting demands of the work world and the family upon some contemporary husbands and fathers and the negative effects of nonstandard work schedules upon men’s family life; and an examination of factors that make many men unhappy in patriarchal family structures. Men’s Changing Roles in the Family also contributes toward breaking new ground by examining family roles now performed by special groups of men. Finally, this important volume reports empirical findings about men in family-like relationships, illustrating evidence for the unique roles that male caregivers can offer children in day-care centers and reviewing current empirical studies of men’s friendships and their development.

    Contents Preface
    • Men’s Changing Roles in Marriage and the Family
    • Epiloge: Facilitating Future Change in Men’s Family Roles
    • Why Are Men Unhappy in Patriarchy?
    • Angry, Abandoned Husbands: Assessment and Treatment
    • Men’s Work Schedules and Family Life
    • Effects of Paternal Involvement on Fathers and Mothers
    • Legal Changes and the Role of Fathers: Swedish Experiences
    • The Legal Rights of Fathers in the U.S.
    • A Black Perspective on the Father’s Role in Child Development
    • Father/Child Relationships: Beyond Kramer vs. Kramer
    • Men Caring for the Young: A Profile
    • Friendship Between Men
    • Family Versus Career Responsibilities
    • The Honey Moon--Some Options
    • Bibliography
    • Fatherhood: A Library
    • Filmography
    • Today’s Spectrum of Fathering Examined Through Film
    • Glossary of Major Terms


    Robert A Lewis, Marvin B Sussman