454 Pages
    by CRC Press

    454 Pages
    by CRC Press

    Since its first edition, Men's Health has established itself as the essential reference for practitioners across the spectrum of medicine - including those working in urology, andrology, cardiology, endocrinology, family practice and mental health. For this fully updated fourth edition the editors have again assembled an international team of expert authors to write on an encyclopedic range of topics, making this an invaluable resource for any health professional interested in maintaining and improving the health of their male patients.

    • Comprehensive coverage of every aspect of men's health and the gender gap.
    • Includes the latest research on cardiovascular risks.
    • Assesses the specific issues concerning men and cancer.
    • Examines the often overlooked aspects of mental health as it affects men.
    • Incorporates new developments in metabolic medicine and men.




    1. Global Men’s Health Issues

    Alan White

    2. The Urologist and Gender Inequality in Life Expectancy

    Tharu Tharakan, Channa Jayasena, Suks Minhas

    3. Testicular and Prostate Cancer: A ‘Gendered’ Approach

    Clare Moynihan, Robert Huddart

    4. Prostate Cancer

    Roger S Kirby

    5. Testicular Cancer

    Thomas Stonier, Alberto Coscione

    6. Bladder Cancer

    Yasin Bhanji, Max Kates, Trinity J. Bivalacqua

    7. Colorectal Cancer

    Elaine M Burns, John Northover

    8. Cutaneous Melanoma

    Daniel Westaby, Hala Aziz, James Larkin, Andrew Furness

    9. Smoking and Lung Cancer

    10. Liver Cancer in Men

    Dimitri Raptis, Charles Imber

    11. Renal Cancer in Men

    Anna Walsh and Ben Challacombe

    12. Overactive Bladder in Men

    Heléna Gresty and Jeremy Ockrim

    13. Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH)

    Tom McNicholas

    14. Prostatitis and Chronic Pelvic Pain

    R. Christopher Doiron and J. Curtis Nickel

    15. Hypertension

    Mike Kirby

    16. Heart Failure

    Martin R Cowie, Arvind Singhal

    17. Lipids and Lipid-Modifying Therapy

    Mike Kirby

    18. Cardiovascular Screening for Athletes Men’s Health 4th Edition

    Raghav T. Bhatia, Sarandeep Marwaha, Sanjay Sharma

    19. Obesity and Men’s Health

    David Haslam

    20. Myocardial Ischaemia and Angina in Men

    Diana A. Gorog, Ying X. Gue, Ying X. Gue

    21. Sexual Health Conversations with Men

    Anand Patel

    22. Diagnosis and Management of Premature Ejaculation

    Michael G Wyllie

    23. Male Infertility

    Abigail Kwok and Marc Lucky

    24. Hypogonadism

    Maria Satchi, Rowland Rees

    25. Peyronie’s Disease Unique Cause of Sexual Dysfunction in Men

    Culley C. Carson

    26. Surgical Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

    Culley C. Carson

    27. Hypospadias

    Christopher Woodhouse

    28. Sexually Transmitted Infections

    Hannah Warren

    29. Circumcision

    Angus HN Whitfield, Hugh N Whitfield

    30. Genital Piercing

    William R Anderson, Simon AV Holmes

    31. Transgender Issues in Assigned Male at Birth (AMAB) Individuals

    Morley, I, Rashid T, Morley, R

    32. Medical Management to Support Trans Men in a Gender Identity Clinic

    Jonny Coxon, Leighton Seal

    33. Can Common Men’s Health Problems be Prevented with Early Medication?

    Geoffrey Hackett

    34. Sexual Risks and Blood-Borne Viruses

    Shalini Andrews

    35. Top Tips on Coping with Vaginal Dryness for The Man

    David Edwards

    36. Genital Dermatoses in Men

    Mike Dinneen, Chris Bunker, Eoin Dinneen

    37. Men and Mental Health

    Mark Pearson and Alan Pringle

    38. Combat Stress and Mental Health in Veterans

    Walter Busuttil

    39. Men and Suicide

    Alan White, Catherine Ward

    40. Male Body Image

    Glen Jankowski

    41. Autism Spectrum Disorders in Boys and Men

    Tony Attwood

    42. Diabetes and Men’s Health

    Kate Millar and Michael Cummings

    43. Oesophagitis and Peptic Ulcer Disease

    Benjamin Charles Norton and Philip Woodland

    44. Alcohol and Men’s Health

    William Gilmore, Sir Ian Gilmore

    45. Anabolic-Androgenic Steroids: Use, Misuse and Abuse in Men

    Patricia Schartau, Kam Mann

    46. Back Pain

    Keith Bush, John Tanner

    47. Spinal Cord Injuries in Men: Clinical Problems and Management Options

    John Reynard

    48. Dupuytren’s Contracture

    Christopher Rowland Payne, Ivan Bogdanov

    49. Men’s Health Policy Developments Across The World

    Peter Baker

    50. A History of Men’s Health

    Jonathan Charles Goddard

    51. The Health of Gay Men

    Justin Varney

    52. Race, Ethnicity and Men’s Health

    Derek M. Griffith

    53. Men and Help Seeking

    Alan White

    54. Men at Work

    Steven Boorman

    55. Men’s Health & The Primary Care Physician

    Janine David



    Roger Kirby MA MD FRCS(Urol) FEBU is Professor of Urology, Consultant Urologist and Medical Director of the Prostate Centre, London. he has performed over 2000 radical prostatectomy operations, written over 60 books and published more than 300 scientific papers. He is founder and current editor of the journal Prostate Cancer and Prostatic Diseases and editor of the Trends in Urology and Men's Health. Culley C. Carson III MD is the Rhodes Distinguished Professor in the UNC Department of Urology, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC. Dr. Carson specializes in the area of men's health, including the treatment of Peyronie's disease and erectile dysfunction. His research is also focused in the area of men’s health, including erectile dysfunction, peyronie’s disease, and penile prostheses. He has published more than 200 peer review publications and edited several textbooks. Professor Alan White BSc RGN MSc PhD, a Registered Nurse, is the Founder and Co-director of the Centre for Men’s Health at Leeds Beckett University and Chair of the Board of Trustees for the Men’s Health Forum (England & Wales). He has recently headed up an international team of academics for ‘The State of Men’s Health in Europe Report’ for the European Commission. Michael Kirby MBBS LRCP MRCS FRCP is Visiting Professor to the Faculty of Health and Human Sciences, consultant to the Centre for Research In Primary And Community Care (CRIPACC) at the University of Hertfordshire and to the Institute of Diabetes in Older People (IDOP) at the University of Bedfordshire. His clinical work is now at the Prostate Centre in London, where he deals with cardiovascular, metabolic, urologic and endocrine problems. He has published more than 400 clinical papers and 30 books.