1st Edition

Mental Disorder An Introductory Textbook for Nurses

By H. Snell Copyright 1977
    200 Pages
    by Routledge

    Originally published in 1977, this book was written in response to demands for a textbook of psychiatry which was neither too theoretical, nor so simple that it was inaccurate. It was addressed primarily to pupil nurses in hospitals for the mentally ill, and to student nurses in their first months of training. Its style and content ensured that it could be read with profit by all others whose work brought them into close contact with the mentally ill.

    The early chapters provide a history of care and treatment, an introduction to psychological development and the unconscious mind, and an explanation of mental disorder and its causes. Specific mental disorders are discussed together with an outline of their treatments, and the general management of the patient is described wherever appropriate. Case illustrations are given as specific examples of various mental conditions. The final chapters cover modern psychological and physical treatments, the aims and means of rehabilitation, and the resources available for the care of the patient in the community. Today it can be read in its historical context.

    This book is a re-issue originally published in 1977. The language used is a reflection of its era and no offence is meant by the Publishers to any reader by this re-publication.

    Preface.  1. Past and Present Care of the Mentally Ill  2. Human Development  3. Mental Mechanisms and the Unconscious Mind  4. The Concept of Mental Illness  5. The Causes of Mental Illness  6. The Neuroses  7. Functional Psychoses  8. Organic Psychoses  9. Psychopathic Disorder  10. Drug Dependence  11. Epilepsy  12. Mental Subnormality  13. Fringe Problems  14. Aggressive and Suicidal Behaviour  15. Institutionalism  16. The Treatment of Mental Illness  17. Rehabilitation.  Index.


    H. Snell was born in London and began teaching after seven years’ experience of nursing the mentally ill. At the time of publication, he was teaching pupil and student psychiatric nurses at Goodmayes Hospital, Essex. He was a member of the Panel of Examiners (Psychiatric) and a member of the Panel of Assessors (Psychiatric) of the General Nursing Council for England and Wales.