1st Edition

Mental Health Services Today and Tomorrow Pt. 2

By Charles Kaye, Michael Howlett Copyright 2008

    This work traces and anticipates past, present and future changes in mental health services to assess the impact both of developments in care, and of the implications of new organisational change. It includes contributions and perspectives of those involved in services at all levels, including service users, to draw upon their experience to give a fuller picture of today and help sketch in tomorrow. It balances academic scrutiny with personal involvement, to reflect both national trends and local initiatives.Overall this work is in two volumes, each of which can stand alone: the companion book Part 1 focuses on the realities of offering and receiving care at a practical and local level; this Part 2 reviews policy and practice from national and international perspectives. Together these books provide essential information and views on mental health services for professionals throughout health and social care, managers, policy planners and policy shapers including those in the third sector and patient groups, academics and the media.

    Harnessing the flow. The social and economic impact of mental health: meeting the challenge. Central control and local freedom: a new balance. New ways of working in mental health services. More than black and white: mental health services provided to black and minority ethnic communities. Race and mental health: there is more to race than racism. Child and adolescent mental health services in England. Third age mental health services. Services for depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder. Mental health, employment and housing. Devolving mental health social care: policy outcomes in Sweden and England. Mental health in Europe : the Green Paper. Mental health in Europe : the wider challenge.


    EDITED BY CHARLES KAYE AND MICHAEL HOWLETT Mental Health Services Consultant; Director, The Zito Trust