1st Edition

Mental Health and HIV Infection

Edited By Jose Catalan Copyright 1999

    Mental Health and HIV Infection provides an up-to-date overview of the mental health consequences and of the kind of psychological, psychopharmaological and community forms of intervention available to deal with the adverse psychological effects of HIV infection. Divided into three parts, the book examines psychological and brain-related consequences of HIV infection, key areas of intervention, and three areas of controversial debate: euthanasia, psychoimmunology and complementary therapies. Assuming no specialist psychological, psychiatric or medical knowledge, this book is important reading for caregivers and healthcare workers to HIV positive individuals and their families, nurses, psychologists and counsellors.

    1.Speaking in Tongues 2.Psychological Problems in HIV Infection 3.HIV Disease and its Impact on the Mental Health of Children and Families 4.The Impact of HIV Infection on Partners and Relatives 5.The Dementia Associated with HIV Infection 6.Suicidal Behaviour and HIV Infection 7.Euthanasia, Physician-assisted Suicide and AIDS 8.Psychological Interventions for HIV-associated Mental Health Problems 9.Psychopharmacological Interventions for HIV-associated Mental Health Problems 10. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and HIV Risk Sexual Behaviour 11.Psychoneuroimmunology and HIV Infection


    Jose Catalan

    'This is a clearly written book that provides an invaluable, up-to-date summary of what is no longer a new field. ... Some of its insights would ne valuable for professionals working with any group of patients struggling with chronic, life-threatening illnesses. It is well worth buying.' - M. King, Aids Care

    'Given the continued (and, in the case of many developing countries, growing) presence of HIV disease, there is a need for a standard referencetext which provides health professionals and caregivers with current information on key issues in mental health and HIV/AIDS. ... The discussions of psychological problems and interventions and psychopharmacological treatments for people with HIV infection are authoriative, comprehensive, and up to date.' - Robert P Watson, The Social Science Journal