1st Edition

Mental Healthcare Matters In Primary Care

    The National Service Framework for mental health aims to provide uniformly good systems so that mental health problems are detected and therefore treated early. This book sets out how learning more about mental health and reviewing current practice can be incorporated into a personal development plan, or practice learning plan. It shows how to integrate quality improvements into everyday work, and bridges the gap between theory and practice. Doctors, nurses and practice managers can build up a personal development plan, or a practice professional development plan through completing the exercises at the end of each chapter, and it demonstrates how to include clinical governance in the mental healthcare services they offer.

    Clinical governance and mental health. Depression. Generalized anxiety disorder. Obsessive compulsive disorder. Stress. Schizophrenia. Dementia. Draw up and apply your personal development plan. Draw up your practice personal and professional development plan. Appendix One: Support groups, information and resources, and self help literature about mental healthcare.


    Ruth Chambers, Elizabeth Boath, Gill Wakley